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Candice O'Denver -- "Best Approach!" - Ramon

"Short moments of awareness repeated many times become continuous"
Lots of free downloads of Candice's teachings here.
"When this continuous soothing energy is tapped into, it will never go away. It will be increasingly
obvious from then on. This soothing is something we all desire, something that we all seek in all
kinds of antidotes. When we instinctively recognize that soothing energy and power within ourselves,
then we know that there is nowhere else to go. There is nothing to do. It's already present. It's up
to us. Just relax, acknowledge its presence. Nothing could be more natural."
from The Empowering Basic State of Awareness
Chapter 2, Minute 19:20 ff

Articles and Exercises by Ramon

6-11-14 updated The 3-30-14 article on purring-tracheal resonance that gives more detailed information on the videos listed below.
If you don't read anything else, read this one!

4/19/14 Links to my YouTube purring videos:
"Purring to Nirvana"
and the sequel,
"purring to nirvana II," which develops the basic purring exercise further.

1-13-14 updated link to PDF article on the Voluntary Blink page

12/26/2010 Once you find yourself resting in awareness 24/7, it can be termed "sahaja samadhi' See "Chin Lift Triggers Universal Compassion"
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