posted 12-6-10

Lifting The Chin Muscles (mentalis)Triggers Universal Compassion for All Beings

David Spero

David Spero in Sahaja Samadhi
Please note the drawn-up chin muscle. This lock triggers universal compassion -- or is it the other way 'round? - RSB

"The Mentalis is a paired central muscle of the lower lip, situated at the tip of the chin. It raises and pushes up
the lower lip, causing wrinkling of the chin, as in doubt or displeasure. It is sometimes referred to as the "pouting muscle."
-- Wikipedia
Ramon: A slight lifting perhaps would fit Wikipedia's description. An tense lifting I think fits my description.

David: "How do light and darkness become one? It is in 'sahaja-samadi,'
which is the natural state of being perpetually awake.
There is no answer to all the pain and suffering that you experience.
It's part of "what is." To have merely darkness is ignorance.
To have light and darkness requires spiritual sophistication.
But when you transcend even the dichotomy between light and darkness,
your realization begins to drink the immeasurable.
In the final stages of realization, you cease to climb in and out of the light.
It can be shocking if you understand what the light is and how deeply it
absorbs you. It absorbs you completely in the state of nirvana."

Sahaja-samadhi is a descriptionless state.
David's talk and essays and book are available at his website.