updated 12/23/04

Some Quickie Exercises
by Ramón Sender Barayón

Some of the more recent also appear in my blog 'Journalings'

Putting a little backbeat in breath awareness 12/4/05
H.H. The Dalai Lama suggests placing the gaze on empty space 12/4/05
Tibetan exercise for swatting thoughts confirmed by neuroscience 12/4/05
Train your concentration with a light bulb or candle 12/23/04 12/4/05
When purring is too loud for your partner, try whispering this 12/23/04updated 12/4/05
Latest version of the Purring Exercise 9/24/04
Breath Notes by Lala Zhig Zhag Shortsnort, Jhanananda, Dr. Weil, Tarthang Tulku
Snore Your Way To Nirvana
God's Name In French Is Henri/Henriette
Feeding The Baby
The Eyes And The Smile
The Yahweh Meditation Simplified
The Merging Of the Yahweh and Allah Mantras
The Peace Now Thou Hum five-minute exercise
"Eat The Sun For A Light Breakfast" updated 2/6/04