updated 4/13/04


July 18 2003, updated 7/4/06

Inasmuch as we can define NIRVANA as learning to relax into the
absorption of deep sleep while still viewing the Self with Kind
Regard, perhaps if we copy one behavior that some people do in deep
sleep, i.e. snoring, we can achieve the same result. When I first tried
snoring, I discovered that the sounds easily adapted to the French
words "mon coeur" (my heart) as follows:

INHALE: (mouth/nose snore) mon
EXHALE (gargling the French 'R') coeur

Then I discovered that God's name is

SMILE and throw your head back.
INHALE: SNORE, thru nose and mouth, throwing head back and saying "ONG" in throat with nostrils aquiver
EXHALE: "HREE, " gargling a French "R" from the same area of throat.

This definitely sparkles up the insides.

May She Who Manifests First on All 13 Dimensions Continue to
Bless Us With Her Waterfall of Miraculous Wonders,

NOTES: The head must be held back for the full circle effect (where the SNORE
meets the GARGLE with a SMILE!) of keeping the mouth and throat in the same
position on exhale and inhale.

This is a refinement of a 45-minute oming session I did on camera
with Sufi poet Daniel Moore in '68 for KQED TV, which ended in loud
snores on inhale and motorboating lips on exhale.

If you prefer to evoke the Goddess, try "Henriette" instead of "Henri."
Also, CLICK HERE for an updated explanation and anatomical chart.