updated 4/8/04


March 3, 2002

I've been currently using a very slight tightening and widening of the eyelids.(I got this from Iyengar's book on Pranayama) Seems to help me, along with putting my attention on the surface of the eyes -- i.e. 'ahead of the thought perception process' a sort of a 'beginning smile' around the eyes. Otherwise they tend to go off on their own, and thoughts follow them like little baa-ing sheep.
And the visualization:
breath: like waves breaking on a pebbly beach.
inbreath - drawing back into the ocean EEEEEEEEE
pause - that moment before the wave breaks AHHHHH
outbreath -- crashing on the beach AWWWOOOOOO
pause - little pebbles skitter EHHHHHHHH

The mind:
A blue sky above passing 'thought clouds,'
Just don't attach to them or push them away.

The self:
A brilliant sun above the blue sky, smiling with detailed attention to nothing, not seeking, not attached to a goal. Just shining.