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Sun June 2004

Hallo, Dearest PM:

There's a guy, S, who has been posting on a list I read. I'm attaching a few of his longer pieces, the first one on the solar plexus very interesting - and quoting Omraam, some of whose writings on solar meditation I especially like.

Speaking of meditation, I had a GREAT meditation last evening that underlined for me the importance of holding a 'facial asana' for an extended period (I was revisiting the placement of the Eight Auspicious Symbols on the face - the Treasure Vase of Compassion on the chin (upward pull on the chin muscle), the lotus (Blissful Liberation) on the smiling mouth/tongue (kechari), the endless knot the circular breath at the nostrils, the two fish the two streams of breath up the _dilated_ nostrils (also interesting mudra) or the Ida and Pingala nerves, if you wish. The Wheel of Dharma I interpret as the Third Eye pathway that begins at the pituitary and then extends like a tube or tunnel into the third ventricle and the pineal gland (the conch shell). The Precious Parasol symbolizes the widened eyes (peripheral gaze) that includes slightly raised eyebrows and slighty wrinkled center brow. The Victory Banner is just that - Nirvana.

Of course this is just my own private 'take' - darn, can't find the one I want, but there's the Peacenowthou version on my website

Anyway, that's all the snooze! Love to All in You That Loves - and if there's anything else, Love to that Also!

Quotes from S: (a very interesting aspirant living in Hong Kong)

Dear Group,
I do not think the ancient Egyptians believed the heart was the seat of the Mind, but rather, they knew the Mind was seated in the Solar plexus. It was they who named this special spiritual organ, because they understood its special spiritual functions. The Ancients (including the Egyptians) did not believe the 'heart' was the center of the mind. The Egyptians knew and named a special spiritual organ in the body 'solar plexus' because they knew it had a unique and distinct correspondence with the 'Sun.' This they called the heart of the body. This arcane, occult truth has been taught since the beginning of wisdom.
I have found that the ingesting of Ormus works best when combined with the optical intake of 'sunlight' just as Pliny the Elder said the Essenes did, three times a day. Sunrise, Meridian, and Sunset. The effects of Ormus are enhanced, activated, and those effects can be felt in the solar plexus.

The Solar Plexus
The location of the solar plexus is the place below your chest, but above your abdomen. The term "solar plexus" actually refers to an interlacing network of nerves, located in the stomach area, which connects to all our internal organs. The solar plexus is an important nerve reception and transmission area. Some people believe that while the brain is the processing area for intellectual and physical stimuli, the solar plexus is the processing area for emotional and intuitive stimuli. We need to turn our attention to the solar plexus because it is an important, powerful part of the body, albeit neglected. We can circumvent the distraction of intellectual thoughts by paying attention to this part of our bodies that harmonizes with the intent of meditation
Here are some more ideas about the sacred nature of the solar plexus.

Mysteries of the Solar Plexus
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov:

It is often said that the heart is the organ that understands, that discernment is a faculty of the heart. Even the Gospels speak of the heart that understands.
But what heart are they talking about? Not the physical heart, obviously, the organ which pumps blood through the body. No, the true heart of man, the Initiatic heart, is the solar plexus.

The true organ of comprehension
It is the solar plexus which senses, grasps and comprehends the great truths of the cosmos. The brain can only study a little, write and talk and, above all, show off, even if it has no very clear idea of what it is talking about! If you look around you today, you will see a great deal of writing and discussing going on, but no real understanding, for the brain is incapable of true comprehension. Things have to be experienced in order to be understood, experienced with every fiber of one's being.
When you feel an emotion, terror, anguish or love, you don't feel it in your brain or even in your physical heart; you feel it in your solar plexus. When the Initiates said that man's true heart was in the solar plexus, therefore, it showed that their knowledge of human anatomy and physiology was far more complete and accurate than that of the modern biologist who only sees the material, physical aspects.

The solar plexus and the brain
You must realize that the solar plexus controls the majority of the functions of the physical body and, above all, that it is the solar plexus which created and which continues to nourish the brain. Yes, the brain is the creation, the offspring, of the solar plexus. This is why the solar plexus feeds the brain and keeps it supplied with everything it needs. If it ceases to do so a person becomes incapable of activity, he has a headache or feels drowsy and cannot think any more.
The brain is not cut off from the solar plexus, but it has not yet learned how to communicate with it, and this is why it cannot always take advantage of the support provided by the solar plexus. The solar plexus is a brain, but a brain in reverse, for in the brain the grey matter is on the outside and the white matter on the inside, whereas in the solar plexus it is the opposite. The grey matter which is composed of nerve cells makes it possible to think, while the white matter, composed of nerve fibers, makes it possible to feel. Thanks to its outer layer of white matter, therefore, the solar plexus can feel everything that goes on in the body, in every single cell, and is therefore able constantly to restore order and balance. The brain feels nothing at all until things have reached very serious proportions, and even then it doesn't know what to do about it. If your heart is beating too fast or too slowly, or if you have a stomach ache, the brain can do nothing about it and, what is more, that is not its job! But if you make sure that the solar plexus has the conditions it needs to function correctly, it can soon put everything right. You couldn't begin to imagine what an extraordinary pharmacopoeia it possesses and, as it is in touch with all the organs of your body and with each and every cell, it can intervene where necessary. It is far better equipped, therefore, than the brain.
With the development of the brain man attained the self-awareness which enabled him to become an individual. The solar plexus, by contrast, being the seat of the subconscious, maintains man's contact with the ocean of universal life, with the whole cosmos, and this is something the brain cannot do, at least, not yet. One day this communication will be possible, but the brain was formed too recently and is still insufficiently developed, whereas the solar plexus has existed far longer. The human brain is still not fully organized, but this will come, for its mission is to record the totality of knowledge and to give birth to notions still beyond our ken. But, I repeat, the one in charge at the moment, the one who controls and commands all the others, is the solar plexus in conjunction with the Hara centre, situated a little lower down.

Re-discovering our inner sun
That is why, if you don't develop your solar plexus everything will be centred in your brain, and however diligently you watch the sunrise or meditate or do various exercises, you will not get any good from them. None of these things will really do you any good until your solar plexus starts to show signs of life, and you begin to feel that your consciousness has at last reached even to your bowels.
Modern man is engaged in his own destruction because the greater part of his activities are cerebral: study, calculations, worries, and so on. And as the brain is not designed to stand up to so much strain, much of the nervous ill-health so prevalent today stems from the fact that the brain is overloaded. You must learn, therefore, to divide the burden between the two centers: the solar plexus, in the belly, and the brain in the head. This is the only way to be balanced. It is a law of mechanics: if you want to balance a pair of scales you have to put something in both pans, not only on one side.
The brain is only an instrument, it is not an independent organism, and any instrument has to be properly looked after if it is to work properly. Take the example of a motor or an electric torch: if you reduce or cut off the power supply it will work less efficiently. The human brain is like a torch which can be switched on and which can see reality and reason about it. Yes, but the trouble is that, in most people, the torch is not very efficient, it is often no more than a candle, and it doesn't give out much light. So it has to be plugged in to an inexhaustible source of energy which will allow it to develop its full potential; and that source is the solar plexus.
Why did the ancients call it the 'solar' plexus? Because it is linked to the sun, and the sun is the heart of our planetary system. The brain is active and dynamic but it tires very quickly if the solar plexus doesn't subsidize it regularly. For this reason, before undertaking any major intellectual task, a disciple should first prepare the solar plexus. The brain is capable of great things, but on condition that the solar plexus keeps it supplied with energy. The source, therefore, the projector, is the solar plexus and the brain is the screen which manifests, expresses and publishes whatever the plexus feeds to it. The pictures projected onto the screen of the brain come from the plexus. So when you want to meditate or to undertake any intense intellectual activity, don't rush into it or try to concentrate suddenly, without preparation, otherwise your brain will just seize up and you won't accomplish anything worthwhile. Begin by concentrating on your solar plexus and then, when you feel that you have reached a state of peace and inner warmth, you can begin to work because your brain will be sustained and nourished by the energies flowing from your plexus.

Touching the heart of the universe When you want to meditate you choose a spiritual subject on which to concentrate and then you can watch your thoughts unfold, as it were, as they follow the contours of the subject. This is an activity of the brain. But when your meditation takes you onto a higher plane, you feel that your brain ceases to be actively in charge and the solar plexus takes over. You no longer grasp things analytically, with the intellect; instead you have a synthetic grasp of reality and you begin to vibrate in harmony with the subject of your meditation, to enjoy a marvelous sense of fulfillment: your meditation becomes contemplation. Your thought, your mental activity, has become contemplation of things so shining and wondrous that your vibrations become more and more intense. Without realizing just how it can be so, you know with absolute certainty that you understand things far better than when you use your intellect. Yes, and this is simply because you have touched the heart of the universe.
When you study, ponder and understand things intellectually it does not mean that you have touched the heart of the universe: no, this activity of the brain is no more than a first approach. You can only touch the heart of the universe with your own heart. When your heart, your solar plexus, begins to feel and love and vibrate with great intensity, then, yes! You can then touch and move the heart of the universe, the heart of God Himself, and the life-giving, illuminating currents, forces and energies of that heart will flood into you. When a powerful stream of love pours out from your solar plexus, the law of affinity, the law of echo reflection, triggers a response from the heart of the universe, for then you are vibrating on the same wavelength as it does. And since the heart of the universe is the source of all happiness and all loveliness, the source of all poetry and music, of all that is splendid and divine, then you will receive that life, that happiness, and all that splendor! Then you will taste fulfillment.
When you touch someone's heart he is ready to give you everything you ask for; he opens his doors to you and gives you all he has. There are days when you make speeches to the powerful entities on high in an attempt to impress them or move them to pity, but your efforts are in vain. They slam the door in your face, saying, 'We don't know what you're talking about!' On other days you need say nothing at all; you just look, and they welcome you: 'Come in! Come in! Here, you can have this.... Take that too: it's yours!' Can you explain this? You will have to find the secret.
I remember that I spoke to you, one day, about the old-fashioned crystal sets. Some fifty or sixty years ago, when radios were less efficient and far less widespread than they are today, people used to make their own crystal sets. In order to receive radio waves you had to move a very fine needle over the surface of a galenoid crystal until you made contact. As soon as the needle reached a certain spot one heard music or voices, while on other spots nothing came through. This phenomenon gave me matter for much reflection! You can slide your little needle back and forth across the crystal and hear nothing, and yet the needle is in contact with the surface. Yes, but you're not touching its heart, for that crystal also has a heart! As soon as you touch the heart you can hear music. And in the universe, also, there is a heart, but we are ignorant of its laws so we can't make contact or get onto its wavelength to receive its signals and the revelations they hold.
In order to touch the heart of the universe you have to intensify your love. And this is something that has to be done with the solar plexus. As I have said, when you do this your mental activity ceases: you project a powerful beam of energy, a strong current of love, and although you are in control, yet your brain remains at rest. You understand, you are conscious and you direct your energies, without tension or activity of the brain. How is this possible? The explanation is that there is another form of thought, another kind of comprehension, that of the solar plexus, and this is what you need to discover.
[End Omraam Quote]


WM: you also mentioned 3 times of the year when sunlight is particularly beneficial, would you explain when those times are and why? S. replied: The first part of this is quite easy to answer; the 2nd 'WHY' part is a little more complex and lengthy, but I'll give it a go. There's a lot in here, so you may want to read this a few times, if it is new to you. What I said in a previous post, to which you refer, was that I try to look into the sun at three times during 'each day'... not three times of the year. All sunlight is beneficial and my interest is in expanding and maintaining the capabilities of my retinas, optic pathways, and vision to in-take a far wider spectrum of physical and spiritual energy. So that covers the first part of the query from and within. Now for the 'why' part: Let me preface this response with the following from the 'Odes of Solomon': "As the Sun is the joy to them that seek for its daybreak, So is my joy in the Lord: Because He is my Sun and his rays have lifted me up; And his light hath dispelled all darkness from my face, In Him I have acquired eyes and have seen his holy day." I was (am) particularly taken with the last line: "In Him (the Sun) I have acquired eyes." I pondered on that statement for years, as it seemed to stick out in my mind, "In the Sun I have acquired eyes." What does that mean? In the Sun I gain my eyes?? What is this? Another Biblical statement of Jesus is similar, and totally unknown in meaning by most Christians: "The light of the body is the eye; if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body be full of light." What does this mean? The eye is a light? The eye can be used to fill the body with light? I began to research to discover the true meaning of these (and other similar) statements, reading everything I could get my hands on concerning the physiology of the eye and the brain, the Sun, sunlight, light, etc., and I began experimenting with 'optically' in- taking sunlight...trying to understand the science and effects on the eye, brain and body. I became convinced that Jesus' ability (and other Essenes/Therapeutae) to perform miracles was based in solar- power-energy. For me, the more I studied, practiced and understood, felt, and perceived: health, vitality, extra-sensory ability, and knowledge were all about (have everything to do with) the Eyes and their relationship with the Sun. In my research and personal experiments I have learned much. The Earth's movements (rotation) and the Sun's movements (rotation)provide for 'different kinds of light' (variation in spectrum- wavelength), depending on its position in the sky. The sun's radiation also has variable (rotational) cycles (11.5 days, 28 days, etc.) which affect the electro-magnetic fields of the Earth, every living and non-living thing and create 'bio-rhythms' in all living things. There are Earth rhythms and solar rhythms. The Earth's rhythms are affected (slowed, darkened, physicalized) by the Moon. We can choose to 'loosen' the (slower/darker/physical) rhythms which bind us to Earth in favor of higher solar (and/or cosmic) rhythms, and/or balance our place between Earth and Sun. These adjustments in biorhythms and are accomplished with which of the different kinds of solar energy which we consume. Every human being from the instant of their birth becomes 'in sync' with the Sun's rhythm, but over time, we get dragged into the slower, darker rhythms of the Earth and Moon.(One's solar bio-rhythms are easily calculated, which tell us the times during any particular month when we (should) require more sunlight, or less, and what kinds.) The human eye (retinas) is an extension of the brain, with the visual cortex being in the rear of the organ (back of the skull).And like the brain, the eyes are very powerful and intricate (far more than medical science has discovered). For example, the retina has at least 8 layers, made up of millions of bipolar cells, amacrine cells, ganglion cells, horizontal cells, as well as three different kinds each of rods and cones; and each retina is divided down the middle...left and right, positive/negative creating both receptivity and transmission capabilities. Rods contain an 'irreproducible' substance known as rhodopsin (visual purple) which is in sync with 'ultraviolet' radiation. Rhodopsin declines when it utilizes intense (ultraviolet) light radiation and builds up in periods of darkness.
Every cell in the retina is a tiny (light/dark/color off/on) switch making the eyes capable of in-taking the entire electro-magnetic light radiation spectrum from cosmic, gamma and X-rays to radio and longer waves, including the (by comparison) the infinitesimal 'visual spectrum.' The eyes are designed for far more than for only 'seeing.' The eyes are our (communications) link to the cosmos (God). Medical and spiritual research has shown that all these retinal cells are photoreceptors and that they stimulate the pineal, pituitary and the entire mid-brain area via neurochemical channels when exposed to 'invisible' radiation. That means the eyes are capable of in- taking, interpreting, and utilizing the broad radiation (light)energy, but we have never been taught that we can use the invisible light; in fact we are taught the opposite. So it has been proven that radiation 'beyond the range of visible light' can influence the entire endocrine system by means of the retinal hypothalamic nerve path, resulting in physiological and psychological stimulation.
And when I began to understand this, the meaning of the "Odes of Solomon" i.e., in the Sun I have 'acquired eyes,' I began to understand that a key to the great and legendary wisdom of Solomon(Man of the Sun) was that he had a relationship with the Sun. I had also read in Plato about 'sun-eyes,' granted by the gods.
Anyone knowledgeable in computers knows that massive amounts of information can be stored, interpreted, analyzed, etc., through aeries of (off/on) switches, and our eyes have hundreds of millions of them. Sunlight is not only energetic but also contains 'encoded information.' (Where do you think the Akashic records are? Can they be viewed? Want to see them?)
Years ago, when I first started my investigations into the eyes and sunlight...I read Dr. Gustav Theodor Fechner's works. He was a medical doctor and professor of physics at University of Leipzig researching optics and light in the mid- and late- Nineteenth Century. He was interested in the afterimages which appeared in the retinas after viewing bright lights. So he decided to look into the sun for an extended period. He was blinded, but he explained in his writing, that through prayer and meditation (a key) that his eyesight returned after a while. He explained that the retinas healed, and became stronger. And, he goes on to explain, that when his eyesight returned, he possessed 'expanded eyesight.' He said he could see the auras around people and plants. He could see a 'field' around all living things. After his experience, Fechner wrote: "Life After Death" and "Comparative Anatomy of the Angels." He then went on to found anew school of thought: "Psycho-Physics," a new field of Psychology,(blending optical physics and psychology) which concentrates in defining reality. He wrote "Zend-Avesta" and "Elementary Psychophysics." Like Jung and Einstein after him, it appears that the more Fechner discovered the more spiritual he became in his outlook. He was sure that with ever increasing sunlight, one is able to 'see into' other dimensions, detect angels, and 'see' greater definition of reality in this one. It's why he was able to describe the anatomy of angels. Fechner showed that exposure to more and more sunlight led to an enhancement of vision, and enhancement of acuity; and greater receptivity of the retinas: receptivity 'beyond' the normal visual spectrum.
Fechner's experience, I think, also explains the conversion of the St. Paul from Saul of Tarsus, a persecutor, into the spiritual Apostle. Some 40 years after crucifixion, and having learned of the Essenes, Saul gazed into the Sun on his way to Damascus. He saw something, but was blinded. He was taken to Annias, the Essene, where after some time he was healed, his vision restored, and his life was forever changed. From then on he saw visions.
I learned and know that Fechner was right as one increases their tolerance to sunlight and strengthens the retina's ability to take more and stronger light one's ability to see electro-magnetic fields around living things increases one's ability to see beyond the established limits of the visual spectrum is increased, both on the high and low sides. After about two years of almost daily sunlight in- take, an almost 6th sense began to occur also in me, and an amazing ability to recognize inconsistencies of thought instantly which I began to interpret as increased intelligence as the brain changes, as well as the eyes.
And that gets me back to the times of the day to look at the Sun. At daybreak the Earth is flooded with light of a spiritual nature (on the upper side of the 'ultra-violet' scale). This type of light affects and influences our spiritual nature and grows the Light Body. As the Sun moves across the sky, (due to coincidal rotational spins within the orbits), the ultra-violet light output begins to diminish and move into the middle ranges of the spectrum. Just before Sunset, the Earth is flooded with more of the Infrareds. This type of light strengthens the physical aspects of our nature, and makes unhealthier, physically. At noontime, near or around the Meridian I have been able to recognize a transition from one kind of Light to the other, and this seems to have the greatest influence on my solar plexus; it can be like doing sit-ups as I can feel the tugging of energy on-going in the upper part of my abdomen. And when realizing this, I said, of course because the solar plexus is the energy center of transition between spiritual and physical energy in the body. When reading Josephus' and Pliny the Elder's accounts of the Essenes and Egyptian Therapeutae, they said these groups sun-gazed at Dawn, Noon, and at Sunset. Finally I understood why. One of the 'secret traditions' of the Essenes, (punishable by death, if revealed)was 'angelology.' They knew the angels by name, representations of, and had daily contact with those angels. This means, through their solar traditions, the Essenes became multi-dimensional people...which is what Fechner had shown.
I remember reading somewhere that Plato taught his students that expansion of one's self was the result of sunlight---that some men could learn from studying plants and animals, others by looking at the stars, and superior men by looking at the Sun, which he said was an act only possible for men 'granted Sun-eyes' by the gods. In Greek, 'the word' or 'logos' was identified as the 'creative light,' John's name for 'Jesus.' Socrates taught in his academy that personal regeneration was only possible through understanding the word of God, the Light, and that it was attained only through inner illumination, in-taken from the Sun. Inca Huayna Capac was seen looking into the sun for a long time, the account about why he raised his eyes to the sun is interesting, but of greater importance is that he was able to do it without harm or fear (being Inca, he was called the Sun of the Sun, and was considered the offspring of the Sun.) The Sun is not 'divine,' however. It is a 'multi-dimensional' physical object. However, everything in creation exists in both a physical and spiritual form. I like to think of the Sun as a huge 'pump;' and as you get accustomed to looking at it, you will actually be able to see its oscillating, and in-and out pumping action. The Sun is the offspring of the great spiritual 'central Sun.' Early Christian Gnostics understood and taught the concept that our physical Sun is 'the mediator' between God and man. The Sun draws the Mind of God (Consciousness) from the Universe, and pumps into men on Earth.
That great Central spiritual Sun was called the 'Sun of Intellect' by the Romans, the physical Sun was called, 'Sol Invictus.' The ancient Egyptians also knew the great Central Sun, sometimes called 'Ptah,(later Amun, the hidden one, Lord to the limit, ruler of the air,' the Father god, god of creation, of re-birth, the universal architect); and if one wanted to pray to Ptah, one would pray at Sunrise (when the spiritual ultraviolet rays were most prevalent). 'Ra,' the Sun (god, the winged solar disk, the great and strong, chief of the cosmic deities,) was the offspring of Ptah/Amun.As the sun climbed toward mid-day it was called 'Ra.' When the sunset in the west it was known as 'Atum' the old man, or Horus on the horizon. The Moon was an attribute (reflection) of the god Horus, and was represented as his 'left eye' (transmission, reflection) while his 'right eye' (in-take, absorption) was the sun. (Seth was a lunar god, in his struggles with the solar god Horus, Seth is seen as a god of darkness doing constant battle with the god of light.) So, these ancient cultures understood, the positive/negative aspects of the eyes, the different 'kinds of light radiation' which were on offer during the day, and depending on their needs, they sought that light.
With the ancient Egyptian concept of the 'great Central Spiritual Sun,' it's easy to see the evolution of this concept into later Christian symbology and myth, where Jesus becomes the Light, the Sun, the Sun of God, God's Sun, and the Mediator. It's easy to understand what Jesus' words meant when he said, "If you have seen me, you have seen the Father." Great understanding comes in his words, 'none cometh unto the Father, except by (through) me." We achieve communion with the Father (great Central Sun) through our (physical) Sun, as the pump, the mediator. The eye is truly the 'light of the body.'
. . . There's lots more to know and vital to understand. For example, mental experiments in quanta, has shown that radiation expressed in wave form can be changed into particle form, and back again, by the mind. I now believe that sunlight in particle form is Ormus, and why 'mentally imprinting 'Ormus is so important.
All the best to all,

S writes:
Can anyone guess where the oldest organized, civilized city in all history is located the oldest capital and metropolis of a highly advanced people? Indus Valley? No - sorry! Xian - central China? No - sorry! Takla Makan Basin - Gobi Desert? No - sorry!
It is in the Americas on the Bolivian altoplano, southern Central Andes, at an altitude of 13,000 ft. The people who built that capital-metropolis of 365,000 people, called Tiahuanaco City, were an advanced race of tall, fair-skinned, bearded white men, (nothing ethnic meant here -- but this is the description given by the darker Incas/Mayans themselves) who wore long-white robes, were organized as a theocracy and who revered the Sun. In the city is a seven-tiered, T-shaped pyramid with a base twice the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza, built there approximately 17,000 years ago (the Omphalos, Solar Plexus of their World). What's interesting is that, like Egypt, this civilization just seems to have appeared in full-blown full-civilized form, not to have advanced from a lesser civilization to a higher one. In fact, all subsequent archaeological findings show a gradual, then rapid decline.
These people apparently knew how they could perfect themselves and reach God through the light of the Sun. Some later Andean and Polynesian peoples have referred to these pre-historic Viracochas as the 'Long Ears.' And recent research and comparison has shown that location, layout, and physical characteristics of the City of the Sun, match quite closely Plato's descriptions of 'Atlantis.' Maybe it was. These famed "Viracochas,' the Sons of the Sun, as they called themselves, built their civilization 150 centuries (15,000 years)before the Incas and the Quiche-Mayans. They built at least 43 major city constructions along a 200 mile stretch of the highest peaks in the world. Expecting a return of these famous historic 'bearded, white men' was the reason the Incas and the Mayans readily welcomed the earliest Spanish conquistadors -- they were sorely mistaken. The Incas, Quiche, and Mayans, though also high civilizations, were the degenerate 'cultural successors' of the Viracochas. Before, theater Inca-Mayan-Aztec creation myths which speak of 'a' Viracocha,(aka: Quetzalcoatl of Mexico, Thunupa of old Peru, Bochica of Colombia, Kulkukan of Yucatan, and El Dorado of Amazonia) the original feathered (plumed) serpent, as the mediator god: there was an entire civilization, a people, who bore that name -- a god-like people, a radiant people, a people of the Sun-builders of Tiahuanaco, City of the Sun.
The Incas-Mayan-Aztecs did not claim to have been the people who built the road systems throughout Andes of Peru and Chili, feats which they are normally credited. Neither did they ever claim to have carved or moved the giant stones used to construct the ancient temples in Cusco, Machu Picchu, and Tiahuanaco (also identical to stonework on Easter Island). The Incas also stated that the Nazcalines, located several hundred miles due west of Tiahuanaco were also the work of a more ancient people than themselves, which they know little about. Those ancient builders and civilizers were the fair- skinned, auburn-haired Viracochas. It was the Viracochas who did all those great things many thousands of years before the Incas, Mayas, and Aztecs began repairing, added to, and restoring the ancient foundations built by their more advanced predecessors.
Whoever those Viracochas were, they also seem to have had influence on several island atolls of the Pacific, and (present day) New Zealand and, very possibly, were in fact the predecessors of the Egyptians. A city with the same name as Solomon's biblical city (as the source of his gold for the Temple) the fabled 'Ophir,' has been discovered in the Amazonian rain-forests east of the Viracochan capital. Certain archaeologists even claim now, that the 'New World' may actually be the 'Old World' because most extant findings around the world of ancient civilizations are all variations on the themes(religiously, culturally, architecturally) of the more ancient advanced Andean civilization. According to Incan legend, the last Viracocha, who walked on the water to his ship, sailed north-westward from the coast of Peru. Thor Hyerdahl, researching backwards from Polynesia to Peru, claimed the last Viracocha who sailed westward from Peru was called by the Polynesians, Kon-Tiki.
Mythologically, to Incas and Mayans, this 'Viracocha' was (is) a mystical archetype representing the entire race of those radiant people, just as, say, a Heracles or Apollo was for the Greeks, representing their (super-human) ancient ancestors, who they supposed were as gods.
The actual Viracochas people possessed remarkable understanding of the cosmos, the planets, and inter-galactic precession of the equinoxes. They designed unbelievably accurate dials, clocks and calendars to monitor the movements of all the heavenly bodies, constellations, and especially the Sun. They were an astronomical people. It is provable that their cultural and religious priorities lay in the heavens, not on the Earth. They created amazing artwork and architecture on the Earth, but it was all based on the heavens, especially the Sun. Some have good reason to believe that the Nazcalines in the southern Peruvian deserts are actually a Viracochan map of the cosmos, constellation by constellation. The Viracochas were so advanced in their cosmology and mathematics that some (New Agers)today believe that they must have been extraterrestrials. But I don't think so.
Concerning their religious beliefs -- their view of 'man's relationship with the Creator:' though research is sketchy and somewhat obscure, we have enough, I believe, to gain a reasonable idea of what and how they viewed life and its purpose. Their cities and temples for the most part,(except Tiahuanaco, built on the southern edge of LakeTiticaca, at an elevation of 13,000 ft) were built on high mountainpeaks near huge caves. They built elaborate tunnel systems throughout those caves through mountains which still exist and are in use today. They seemed to have understanding of the affects of light and darkness on the body and mind of man. And their sun-gazing occurred at those altitudes where the air is rarified, much higher untraviolet content.
They had a spirit-science religion based upon the Cosmos. They had a systematic cosmology to explain creation and used the human body as a metaphor for the Solar system. They saw man as a god in embryo, which could be nurtured by God's light and raised to godhood. Theirs was a 'vertically-stacked, three tiered cosmos, simple in some respects, steps up the ladder to God. They seemed to have had the key to man's 'true-nature,' his relationship to the cosmos, a spirit- science methodology which would raise man to his highest potential. Theirs was a methodology, such that, by its use, man could literally be put in direct contact with the Sun, the stars, and God. According to Inca-Mayan legends, the Viracochas could take the most primitive jungle savage, and by application of their system, elevate him to a genius, a near replica of the first spiritual man. They knew, 150 centuries ago, that a man possesses all the necessary equipment, dormant faculties, plexuses, and dimensions, just waiting to be developed. And the Inca-Mayan records verify this, as an entire jungle people were raised to high civilization in a relatively short period of time. This fact alone invalidates Darwin's ideas of natural selection as a means of evolution when applied to man; as it was proven in the jungles of South America many thousands of years ago.
There were men existing as Neolithic man, when teachers (of a solar methodology) appeared; and these peoples arose from the dark of the Amazonian jungle to the mountaintops to erect spectacular and monumental cities, requiring higher mathematics, advanced geometry, architecture, ingenious irrigation systems, mountain terracing, and built a network of roads and bridges (at an average altitude of10,000 ft) that are still in use today after more than 10millennia. All the Viracochas basically said was, "Instead of looking down at the earth, look up, look to the Sun, the source of all intelligence." They said the Sun would fill you with the true spirit of God and raise the man to a god-like nature. They called the physical Sun 'Inti,' but they recognized the great cosmic transcendental power 'behind' that Sun (the Central Sun), which was known as the source of all life and knowledge.
They did divide the sky into six sections, (like Celtic Etruscans, who divided the sky into 9 sections) and indicated that each seemed to have a special purpose, but there is no indication that those six sections of sky, were in any way affiliated with any particular energy center in the human body. Concentration on centers in the body didn't seem to matter to them, sunlight in its different radiant forms, during it's tenure in those sections of the sky, is what mattered to them. I have read two accounts which have compared certain aspects of Viracochan-Incan religious philosophy to Buddhism, in that they were concerned with energy infused in the body, but not specifically to any chakra system. Their mental construct was: Earth ˆ Man ˆ Sun (the Gate) ˆ Central Sun (God) -- in a straight line of uninterrupted contact. The saw the Sun as the 'back and forth' gateway, where we transmit and receive life and intelligence from God.
They had great concern and fear, that only 'good and righteous thoughts' be transmitted into the Sun. Otherwise, man had the ability to cause the Light of the Sun to go out, by means of bringing on destructive forces in the other words, they felt that man could tip the energetic balance in the cosmos, by his thoughts. And Incan records record that the Sun had, in fact, gone out 4 times in the past.
When I first glimpsed the Viracochan methodology, I thought of the biblical words of Jesus: "Seek ye 'first' the Kingdom of God and all other things will be added unto you." I believe this is basically the way the mental construct and methodology of the Viracochas was structured. Focus on the Sun (to them, the gate to the Kingdom where they would return), for in the light of that Sun is derived every other thing which is required by a man: namely: energy, vitality, long-life, intelligence, spiritual immortality. To me: that is all other things added. No need to worry about chakras, because the light of the Sun will change your entire body, (total-body system) and grant you a personal vision of your future, and bestow upon you personal golden guide as your assistant along the way -- your own personal Punchao.
When I got interested in South America, I had studied the chakra energy centers for four or five years, making little progress in enlivening or lighting those little inner fires. However, when I started following what I had learned of the ancient solar techniques of the Viracochas, there was definite, noticeable spiritual progress, including the lighting of those various chakra centers. This is not meant to take away from those who find activity and progress working on their chakras; but the system didn't seem to work very well for me, or provide much noticeable progress. For others it might. Evidently the Eastern chakra system is well entrenched and well attended by many. And that is a good thing because it means people are cognizant that they must be doing something -- and they are doing 'something.' As said twice before, any mental construct which helps explain what's going on, may be helpful. And I also know, how difficult it is for some to alter there understanding, or their path.
My point was, then and is now: it's very easy to 'lock in' on a mental construct, and wait upon results that may or may not be forth- coming (for any number of reasons). For me that's was time wasted. There are other systems, and other mental constructs, which also work, maybe even better. And that is what I meant when I said there are other older systems, and inferred that they may have better or more substantial benefit to some. The Viracochan spiritual activation system is the oldest known to humanity -- and it comes from the West --the Americas. And it works relatively fast (when compared to other systems). That's been my experience.
As I said in a previous post, the Viracochan-Incan methodology included the use of reflective, polarizing mirrors, both flat and concave (to intensify and focus the light in the eyes), singular and multiple facetted, made of gold or silver. And this is where it gets complex. With these mirrors, they could change the positive/negative aspects of the light, and/or its intensity; and/or the positive/negative/intensity aspects of their own transmissions into the Sun. I personally use mirrors in my sun-gazing activities now, both flatland concave; and from my own experience, it seems that the golden mirrors do seem to 'buffer' the sunlight and magnify its effects, without increasing any harmful effects (however, I have been sun- gazing a long time). Since I have become familiar with Ormus, I have been pondering (since Ormus is related to gold) whether/if, maybe, the intense sunlight might actually 'Ormus-ify' the gold in the mirror, sending light energy in the form of Ormus gold particles(photons) directly into the eyes from the gold; or since the Sun misrelated to gold, the actual gold coloring of the infusing light might accelerate its conversion to Ormus in the body. Whatever happens, the Viracocha knew how to do it, and used the technique to a high degree, with reportedly remarkable results.
The Inca-Mayans revered their Viracochan ancestors, and so, when an Incan or Mayan achieved the 'light body' state, they called him/her 'a Viracocha, one who walks on the foam.' According to anecdotal stories, these illuminated ones, 'glowed or radiated' when inside the caves. A part of the Viracochan methodology of increased sunlight in-take was the eventual realization of, encountering of, or 'seeing' of, the 'Golden Man.' According to Viracochan methodology it seems that in one's endeavor to increase ability to in-take, process, and store ever-increasing amounts of spiritual light, a certain recognizable plateau is reached, when before one's eyes appears the 'Golden Man.' In Spanish he was called, 'El Dorado' and this is the source of the legends of the El Dorado and his City of Gold. (Sounds a lot like Ezekiel's & Jacob's dreams, and John's revelation, doesn't it?) When the Spanish conquistadors and their accompanying priests heard of the Viracochan-Incan teaching of seeking the 'Golden Man,' their greed was pricked and they actually thought someone could lead them to it. rather than recognizing that attainment of 'seeing' El Dorado, the Golden Man, was (is) a tenuous, and very personal spiritual quest, procedure and methodology. And I know from experience that this is a true teaching. The Viracochas were right. Your Golden Man/Woman will appear to you when you are prepared and ready, but then, that's a topic for another time. I've written this post because J. and A. requested more information. So I give you what I have learned, what I know and what I have experienced. Both have wanted to know where the information comes from. The answer is...from much research, much travel, much expense, and much experimentation of the actual techniques, and from hard-won experience. I was a member of the Andean Explorers Foundation for several years and helped finance and participate in two expeditions into the high Andean cities of the Viracocha-Vilcabamba, GranPajatan, Chavin, Machu Picchu, Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca, Tiahuanaco, and I have chopped vegetation from unnamed city-sites with a machete.
I have flown over the Nazca desert plains; walked their roads, spoken to and questioned their shamans, descendants, Peruvian, Ecuadorian, and Bolivian peasants and medicine men. I have smoked their herbs, chewed their coca leaves, drank their chuchuhuasi and ayahuasca teas; eaten their mescaline-laden San Pedro cactus and 'flown' with the 'brujas' and 'curanderos' of the forest. I have prayed and meditated in their caves and tunnel systems; have sun-gazed, meditated and prayed from atop their pyramids and monuments. I have visited museums studying artifacts in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia and Mexico; have studied their artwork, and symbology; and have seen and held their golden mirrors. I have read as many Spanish priest histories (Fr. Marcos Garcia, Fr. Bernardo de Sahagrin, Abbe Brasseur de Bourbourg, Fr. Andres de Olmos, Antonio Pigafetta, Francisco de Orellana, and others), as many Codex's (which have been translated) as I could find, and others I can't remember; and the Popul Vuh (Sacred Book of the Quiche-Maya). Does that make me an expert? Not at all. but it has provided tremendous insight into a people and their ancient culture, and spiritual methods. I have done my homework.
But in spite of all of that, I have personally used and benefited from their solar techniques -- and that's really all that matters tome. Those experiences are from whence the greatest information, knowledge, and insight into these people come. I think I know and understand their system. And I know it works. Can I prove to you that this is a superior methodology and mental construct? No, and that wasn't and isn't my intent. My intention was to show alternatives. And you can do as I have done -- go there, do the research, and prove to yourself, one way or the other. I've tried both.
This is information on the first of three systems which has been requested. As I get the time I will tell of the other two.
All the best to all,


Re: Darkness Retreats

Sorry to get back to you on this so late, but here I go again. Back in 1986, I had my first experience with a darkness retreat. It was not a formal one, but one of my own making, and it actually happened quite unexpectedly. I had been going through some very troubling family times, 2 deaths, a divorce, etc, all bunched up together -- one of those trying times that each of us faces sometime or other in our life. But this particular time was almost unbearable for me.
A close friend told me to leave town on my own, "Go somewhere‚" he said. "Get away from it all." My friend did not know just what good advice that was. I just got in my car, not knowing where I was going, no destination planned. It turned out to be the first of what I now call my "spirit journeys‚" just let the spirit guide me. I took back roads not freeways, and on the 2nd day I found myself of the banks of the 11 Mile River in southern Missouri. The 11 Mile River area is a State Park and quite unique. You may rent a canoe, go down part way or all the way, and they will deliver your car to you down river. Spur of the moment decision; I decided to rent a canoe, go down the whole way, no supplies, no food, etc. all alone. It's a very pristine, peaceful place, and though some times in the year the river turns to a class 2 white water course, at that time it was very slow moving. To go the 11 mile distance can take all day or more if you make stops along the way.
There are no roads into the area except about midway bridge and at the end. I began my canoe trip, telling the car-watcher no particular time to expect me as I didn't know. During my days (mid-week) there, I only saw maybe 5 or 6 other canoeists. Interesting about the place is that periodically they have picnic tables on the banks, and signs showing points of interest to stop and see. After a few hours of peacefully meandering down the river, I saw a sign that indicated the location of a cave, some two miles down a path. I paddled over to the sign, pulled the canoe up securely, decided to walk to the cave 2 miles deep in the thick forest. Once there, I entered the huge opening, and read the sign about how during the Civil War the Confederates extracted bat guano from this cave to make gunpowder. It started to rain heavily outside, so I decided I would have to stay a while. So I started to look around and go further back into the cave. Soon I was around a corner, and could see no light from the entrance. I felt my way along going further and further into the utter darkness -- totally silent -- no one else within miles.
I do not know what exactly was guiding me, but something was, and I decided to find a place on one side and discovered a ledge and climbed up and sat there. Total blackness. So, I sat and sat. It was so quiet I could hear my own pulse coursing through my head. I could not see anything, not my hands in front of my face. I touched my eyeballs through the eyelids and marveled at the spikes of light which would form. I clapped my hands and it was the first time I realized that the sounds in my ears also formed spikes of light in my closed eyes. I could see the sounds. So I did all kinds of things, I closely analyzed the sounds emanating in my ears, sounds were there, even in the absolute silence, I had never been still enough to hear that before. Then with that realization I remembered that scripture: Be still, and know that I am God. (Ps:46:10) I could not remember being this still and quiet in my whole life up to that point. I just kept thinking about that scripture.
I remember that at first I was very scared, all of my fears started dredging up. I worried about bats, bugs, spiders, spooks, ghosts, dying in there, never being found (since I was 2 miles up an obscure path, deep in a cave, on a river with no roads into it); no one on earth knew where I was). I worried about every fear that my mind could conjure up. I wondered if a bear would get me, then I realized a bear would not be so stupid to sit in the back of a dark cave. I went through a multitude of fears and began rationalizing each one away. I turned myself over to God (Christ within). After going through the multitude of fears, saying over and over to myself, "It's nothing to be afraid of‚" I became calmer -- but that process took several hours.
I never intended to stay in the cave for very long, especially without any food, but such miraculous things began happening inside my head after 4 or 5 hours that I decided to see more. I fell asleep and slept for a while several times. I had a diver's watch (with a lightable face) so I could check the time. And I knew it was night outside. Each time I woke up I was somewhat euphoric, lights and visions danced in my head. The most brilliant colors could be seen. Amazing and uplifting thoughts streamed into my mind. If I posed a mental question, amazing intelligent, possibilities immediately streamed into my mind. It was as if I was carrying on a direct conversation with a higher, more intelligent power, because the answers were not of my making or even of my immediate understanding. I could see the past clearly, I could see the future. I kept wishing that I had had a pen and paper with me so I could write some of that stuff down, and with that thought I was assured that I would remember.
I stayed in that cave for 36 hours. I long to go back, and often do in my mind. It was a place of spiritual awakening, a sacred place. It was the singular event that began my quest for self-knowledge and understanding. The 'Darkness' brought me to the 'Light.' They are both necessary ingredients to self knowledge.
I have made 12 trips to Great Britain, for the purpose of visiting the cairns, barrows and stone circles built by the ancients there. I have been from John O'Groats to Lands End; from Mizzen Head to Rathlin Island. There are 10,000+ sacred sites in the UK, more than any where else on the planet for its size. However, what the archaeologists fail to tell us is: wherever there was a stone circle, or a dolmen, or man-made hill (like Silbury), there was also a barrow or cairn built nearby or adjacent (sometimes many of each). They were not tombs, just like the great pyramids were not.
A barrow is an elongated tunnel built into the earth, usually with several rooms. These rooms were built with a certain kind of stones, and then insulated with chalk. The cairns are mounds of earth covering chalked stone rooms. It is my belief from my studies and research, that the ancient Druids used both 'sunlight' and 'darkness' for spiritual enlightenment. They would use the stone circles to track the Sun, then they would face the sun, in-taking massive amounts of sunlight. Then after that, they would go underground into a silent earthen cave, a barrow or a cairn. And in that darkness they would receive a certain enlightenment. Then after emerging from the darkness, they would again take in more sunlight. In my research of the Essenes (and other groups like them), they always located themselves in places where there was massive sunlight and caves (you'll recall that the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in the chalk-like caves surrounding Qumran), and Ormus. I believe that the rooms within the three Giza pyramids in Egypt are darkness chambers‚ sacredly and strategically placed, used for the perfecting of the pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus regeneration (a white powder was found all over the interior of the pyramids when first entered.) Both Inca and Mayan pyramid complexes contained both solar viewing platforms and subterranean chambers of darkness.
The Oracle at Delphi on Greece's Mt. Parnassus (pocked with caves), has the columned solar platform, flanked by the Sanctuary of Apollo, and the Sanctuary of Athena, both Caves. One must ask why the Oracle was consulted even by the kings. Sunrise services as well as subterranean Grottos/catacombs were always a part of worship in early Gnostic Christianity. Alchemists throughout all history have secluded themselves in places of darkness. Correct use of 'darkness' is a sacred, secret knowledge.
Personally, I had a room built on the flat roof of my village house; one door, no windows, 8 inch insulated walls (the Chinese contractor thought I was nuts). But what he did not know was that he was building my own personal 'cave.' I go into my silent dark cave‚ for about 30 hours 4 times a year. After taking in loads of sunlight, I do a 'darkness retreat.' What we are talking about here is the alchemy of regeneration.‚ I have come to understand that this regeneration (which we all seek) is only possible with absolute dedication to the process. And I am convinced that Sunlight, Darkness, and Ormus, are three 'keys' to the doorway of regeneration. I believe the plexuses, chiasmas, neural pathways require the certain Ormus elements, which our bodies make, so by in-taking Ormus we assist in that manufacturing process. The pineal gland is, I believe, made mostly of Ormus. But, I believe that without regular treatments of Sunlight‚ and Silent absolute Darkness‚ the body has nothing to do with that increased Ormus intake (nowhere to put it), and just expels the extra.
To me, Sunlight intake and Silent absolute Darkness‚ are the 'physical exercises'(the calisthenics and jazzercise) which we can provide to our 'key enlightenment' glands, albeit our entire endocrine system. And, I believe that if you ask any doctor, they will surely tell you that the endocrine system is the body's system of regeneration and regulation.
The problems are that most of us do not posses the information necessary, our desire is insufficient, and that we live in such a busy time. We'd often rather, it seems, prefer to watch TV, than find a cave to hang out in. We get so tired in our daily routines that we'd rather sleep late than to greet the sunrise. We seek out Ormus hoping it is the shortcut to our regeneration when, I believe, it is only one of the key components.
The world and the religions would teach us to 'fear' the darkness. Maybe they know how important it is for health, growth, and enlightenment -- so they tell us to fear it -- stay away from it. From the time of our infancy we are embedded with stories, spooky tales, and 'fear of darkness.'
The ancients knew it was wisdom to embrace the Darkness -- that darkness is just as important for our spirituality and development as the Light. They left us evidence in their massive earthen and stone constructions dedicated to darkness.
In my own experience, darkness really dramatically affects my brain chemistry, especially in the glandular endocrine systems in the brain. When in darkness, I can actually see things happening through my eyes inside my head, even though in total darkness. I have actually felt and experienced changes in consciousness and body functions, experiencing them as they occur. One can actually witness the release of serotonin, the 5-HT neurotransmitter involved in consciousness, as it converts into a melatonin. These secretions are sensed as light flashes. They manifest inside the head and are seen as spectacular light patterns, swirls, and flashes in the most vivid and exquisite colors.
In prolonged utter darkness and quiet‚ (over 24 hours) I have been able to actually feel my internal organ systems shutting down and feel the subtler realities of higher consciousness switch on. In the darkness, the pineal gland appears to step up its operations, conscious and mental restrictions and inhibitions are lessened, permitting visions and dream-like states to emerge in my conscious awareness. I clearly know what Jeremiah and Jacob were describing when they spoke of their visions, wheels within wheels, ladders to heaven, spectacular geo-shapes and lattice works, etc. And these experiences are available to anyone. This is the good news.
If one stays in the darkness long enough, enjoying and experiencing what is happening, one may experience the effects of what Dr. Rick Strassman wrote so much about, DMT, the spirit-molecule. In prolonged darkness the pineal begins to manufacture special derivatives of serotonin. These special spirit-molecules,‚ 5-methoxy-di-menthyl-tryptamine(5-MeO-DMT)and di-methyl-tryptamine (DMT), appear to increase transcendental experiences, visions, and deliver increased feelings of calm, universal love, compassion, and general well-being. All fear vanishes.
BTW: I do not think the scientists fully understand what these glandular 'secretions' actually are, or what they actually do. I believe these secretions like melatonin, serotonin, DMT, etc, have been given names by science, but I think the secretions may be a lot like Ormus, in that it can appear as one thing, exhibit characteristics of something, and actually be something quite different.
It appears that melatonin and the 'spirit molecules' derived from its (melatonin) derivative serotonin, appear to have direct correspondence and influence on the optic chiasma surrounding the pineal and pituitary glands, and the supra-chiasma of the hypothalamus gland, and thus put our bodies more in sync with the earth‚s circadian rhythms, the cosmos and God. We become more sensitive to everything (bio-electro-chemo-magnetic) that happens around us. This means, I think, we become more fully human, because we can understand and utilize the higher design capabilities of the human body. We become smarter, more knowledgeable, assisted.
I have come to understand that Light and Dark are essential to the advancement of a human being. Light (the Sun) plays to the solar plexus (through the eyes) and perfects it. Dark (the Earth) plays to the Brain, and perfects it. In the Law of Three, it becomes: the interplay of the body, the Light (Sun), and the Dark (Cave=Earth=womb).
In my understanding, regeneration of the human body can only come this way. It's the Father=God=Sun + Mother=Goddess=Earth which combined produce the perfected human look at it another way. Both are necessary. The Light (Sun) provides the energy and blueprints, the Earth (Darkness) provides the alchemy or regeneration processes.
I believe the ancients (Egyptians, Essenes, Druids, Greeks, etc) fully understood these things. They may have not understood the science of it, but they certainly understood what to do, the need and the effects of it -- hence they built their cairns, barrows, pyramids, and utilized their caves, along with the Sun.
The medical profession is doing a lot in these areas right now, such as the knowledge expressed in this statement: "The pineal gland is linked to the immune system and immuno-depression has been counteracted by melatonin administration. The thymus is one of the main targets of melatonin and its immuno-enhancing effects may be mediated by opioids derived from T-helper cells, lymphokines and possibly pituitary hormones. Lymphokines such as gamma-interferon and IL2 as well as thymic hormones can modulate the synthesis of melatonin in the pineal gland."
-- Dr Arlene Goldman
There are thousands of websites with information on the pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus, thymus, the entire endocrine system, and all their secretions, available to all. I recommend reading them. But the scientists don't really know much about the total process because the process is all-encompassing, but they are trying to discover it and explain it. I do not believe these things will ever be totally explained by the scientists until they understand the totality of the human process as one whole.
However, each of us can utilize the healing and re-generational effects of Light and Dark right now. All we have to do is decide to do it. It's easy and everything we need is available to us. So, if you want first-hand experience, learn to utilize the Light and the Darkness to regenerate your body.
In closing, I visited two of the professional darkness retreats. After visiting their locations, talking with their instructors, studying their literature, I was not convinced that their programs could offer any more than my own personal experiences. I began to think, in fact, their programs might actually be a hindrance to the full benefits available to one's own personal growth ability utilizing darkness. All those others around you, waiting on you, the discussions, debriefings, instructions, etc. would be more things to take your mind off what your real goal is. And they are costly.
To me this business of spiritual development is personal and never really should be a product of 'group think.'‚ No one has ever been 'saved' in a group, or because they were a member of any particular group.
Everyone who ever experienced the mystic reunion with the inner Christ or God (however you define him/her/it), had life-changing visions, or ascended, did it when they were absolutely alone: Joseph, Daniel, Moses, Jacob, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Joseph Smith: they all did it when they were absolutely alone.
W, just go find yourself a cave -- and retreat!
All the best,

More on Viracochan Techniques

Dear Group:
I've received some interesting responses to the post on the Viracochas and their energy activation system. There may be some confusion, so I thought it might be helpful to render some additional information. Hope you don't mind.
From the most ancient times, solar priests kept the uses of polarized light a secret. As mentioned, the Viracochas of the Andes used a concave parabolic mirror of gold to direct rays of the sun into their eyes. They not only used mirrors, but also crystals and other stones were used to alter the effects of sunlight while sacred rites and ceremonies were performed. The priests were aware of the action of polarized light and its inner secrets, later only guessed at by the alchemists of Europe.
The polarized light was used in many ways by the sun priests, both natural and polarized sunlight were primarily used for the transformation of the priests themselves. Their interest was the elevation of man above matter, as the ruler of the world. They understood the importance of bringing in energy originating 'outside' the organism and putting it to practical use 'inside' the organism . . . methods which were hidden from the profane, the ignorant, and the poor. What did the Viracochas realize or know about polarized Sunlight from a parabolic golden mirror that makes indifferent than regular or natural sunlight?
I think they knew two advanced scientific principles:
They knew, like we know from Newtonian physics, that we live in a universe in which every positive action has an equal negative one; that every particle of matter has a corresponding opposite; that each visible element originates out of or is allied with an invisible one(every physical thing has a spiritual counterpart).
In other words, they knew that there is a plus-and-minus potential in all matter; that for each positively charged particle, there exists an antiparticle, with a negative charge. In our era, Einstein was one of the first to clarify and define this matter-energy relationship, to identify energy with matter, as in his famous equation E=mc2 .Einstein established also that when matter collides with its anti- potential (or anti-matter), it is transmuted to pure energy.
Sunlight in-taken into the human body causes the cellular energy and waves to speed up, especially in the brain, plexuses, and the endocrine and nervous systems. The faster matter moves, according to Einstein, the lighter, (in weight) it becomes. . .so, the greater the energy in-take into the body. . .the lighter (in-weight) the body becomes.
Elementary particles, within the Sunlight such as photons and neutral pi mesons, degenerate into neutrons and radiation in a burst of light. . .this further accelerates energetic activity in the body. Something else also happens: and it's called solar fusion. The sun can generate energy over billions of years without decaying, because what's happening on the surface of the Sun is different than what happens in a man-made nuclear reaction. Atomic fission is different than solar fusion.
The hydrogen gas of the sun differs from that of an atomic device in that the hydrogen of the sun is not heavy hydrogen. It is interesting to note that old age and the eventual death of a human organism are caused by the accumulation of heavy water, and heavy hydrogen in the human body. A person in-taking solar energy and light is able to emulate the sun by keeping the heavy water, and thus heavy hydrogen, in his organism to a minimum. And that accounts for the longer lifespan of solar peoples.
Knowledge that life forces can be enhanced, and changed through proper understanding has extremely practical advantages to those who optically intake sunlight. They can emphasize the positive aspects of solar energy, which occur with 'left-hand' polarized light.
And this is the 2nd thing that the Viracochan-Incan Sun priests understood. Understanding this phenomenon helps one to grasp the secret of life itself. In his research, the famous French scientist, Louis Pasteur, was the first in our era to discover that all life seems to display 'left-handedness.' All amino acids in the body also display 'left-handedness.' Have you ever wondered why this is true...?
The earth turns from west to east, which causes the Sun to exert an asymmetrical influence, which appears to us on the earth as an east- to-west force, through the atmosphere. It is this spin and left- handed twist which creates 'time' in the space-continuum. Light from the sun is slowed down as it twists to the left-hand side. And it must be remembered that the Earth additionally, has north and south magnetic poles.
The Virocochan-Incan solar priests were the first to understand that they could create 'elliptically polarized light,' by reflecting the Sunlight from a parabolic mirrored surface. So, the Viracochan solar priests knew how to un-twist the light, with the use of parabolic mirrors, and in so doing, actually 'stop' time and enter the fuller reality of the cosmos. Our physical reality, the lesser reality, is actually caused by a left-handed twisting of all light entering the surface of the Earth. Any time something is 'twisted' it slows down.
The Viracochas understood that combined with the sun's east-west force, and polar magnetic fields, a one-handed twist of light resulted. They discovered that with the use of parabolic mirrors they could 'un-twist' light, change (perfect) its energy, and that perfected energy was suitable to their use in temple initiations and 'human perfecting.' Some scientists, in our day have even postulated that it was, in fact, this action of polarized sunlight on the surface of the oceans that first brought forth 'physical life' on the earth (as the light was forced to slow) ... a plausible theory, considering that basic organic molecules have a left-handed twist.
Acknowledging that the world was a left-handed system, the Virocochan solar priests were able to bring even more positive energy into their force fields, brains, and nervous systems, which tends to vitalize and energize them, by un-twisting the light. The priests, thus became a higher class the ruling class endowed with the knowledge of the universe and immortality (knowledge is power). Naturally, they were looked upon as gods by the lower classes. The energy which they added to their systems altered the molecular structure of their living tissue, actually changed their DNA, as the human organism becomes more akin to light than to denser physical matter. This fact might account for the levitation which has been reported by scribes in the Inca Codex's.
However it must be known and understood, that in the beginning stages, a person in-taking the Sun's light is only involved in the physical aspects -- up until they have grown the light body aspects to a certain level. Then the spiritual and intelligence aspects will become more apparent. As the entire body begins changing, improving, energizing, the force fields and electro-magnetic atmosphere (aura)around the person also changes. From this we know that as a man changes, or is able to change, he is actually also changing his environmental conditions.
A human being who has eventually acquired the ability to infuse massive amounts of light energy into their body, and store it; approaches becoming a light-being person; and as such is optically active, similar to a 'crystal.' Living organisms, which appear to be 'neutral' in their ability to polarize light, become actually able to twist 'polarized light' either to the left or right, as do organic compounds of living things. Because energized force fields surrounding a solar adept are similar to those in the surrounding atmosphere, and those fields react to sunlight.
An abundance of energy would also account for additional non- worldly 'information' or intelligence levels attained by those ancient Sun priests. And it should be understood that this 'information' indicated, 'is not' worldly knowledge.
As psycho-kinesis (PK), paranormal phenomena (PSI), and extra-sensory perception (ESP) and the like, are regarded as meaningless physical phenomena and uses of the mind, it should be remembered that there is an even higher form of knowledge from a faculty not activated in normal persons: consciousness of a different sort of reality, a multi- dimensional reality only activated in those who have mastered the art and adapted their mind, body and spirit through years of dedicated solar in-take endeavors.
All of the gifts of the spirit mentioned in Corinthians by Paul, become available -- such as healing, which is nothing more than being able to transfer one's accumulated light energy into another less- well person, mentally or by touch; or seeing the past, or prophecy -- which is the ability to project oneself into a new state of existence by overcoming the time barrier; or instantly knowing the 'truth of all things'... the product of such an organized mind, that any inconsistency becomes immediately apparent.
One of the keys to understanding the proper use of solar energy can be found in Max Planck's famous equation, E=nhv. This equation shows energy of a quantum of radiation as a constant multiple of its own frequency. I have interpreted this in my experiences to mean that it is essential for a solar adept to increase the frequency of the force fields in and around his body in order to further benefit from solar- energy intake.. .it has a kind of multiplying affect over time. The importance of this cannot be overemphasized, because man is linked with the cosmos through the medium of the Sun, as the gateway to the greater cosmos. Above this, our personal level of consciousness must be linked with the impersonal or universal consciousness, that which emanates from the great central Sun.
I hope this information may assist in further understanding of the Viracochan-Incan energy activation system, especially for those who may be a little more scientifically minded.
All the best to all,


2 June 2004
S, I really have much appreciated your postings, so please take the following as a respectful consideration. You refer to the Great Central Sun a few times, and although I also have referred to Her in some of my essays, Aditi by name in the Upanishads and elsewhere, I sometimes think that we humans have such a talent for 'abstracting' upwards from the golden reality that bathes us that we must be careful to give due adoration and respect to the Creator of All Here That We Experience, first and foremost, and leave the rest alone for now as beyond our direct perception and in the realm of concepts only.
My question to anyone who 'goes beyond' what our five senses tell us to 'belief systems' or 'faith' instead of tangible experience of the godhead is, "Have you fully merged with the Solar Logos?" Once merged in love and adoration with THAT, then we can sit in golden splendor and worship Aditi, the Great-grandmother of the Suns, She Who Manifests First. Otherwise we're just engaging in tongue-flapping, or perhaps I should say 'brain-tap-dancing?'
With appreciation for your input,
I know that Great Person
of the brightness of the sun
beyond the darkness.
Only by knowing him
one goes beyond death.
There is no other way to go.
-Svetasvatara Upanishad