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The Placement of the Eight Auspicious Signs of the Buddha upon the Face
For a 'plainer' version, see The Peace Now Thou Hum Five-Minute Exercise
Please read from the bottom of the page up.

updated 6/3/04 tweaked 7/2/04


19  (EE-AWW-OHH-OOH-EHH-EE) Gates Open

18  Our Natural Optimism Feeds All Hungry Ghosts
           HUM       HUM      HUM      HUM
  HUM        HUM       HUM     HUM      HUM

17  Migrate the NOW to the uvula and soft palate
     Slowly release the smile to a silent nursing HUM HUM
16  Mouth beging to close DAH DAH DAH to
     NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW Inside mouth.
     Pull up frontal chin muscles to express boundless
15  FULL THOU - Endlessness THOU THOU
14  THA inbreath and outbreath on heartbeat
       Acknowledgements of various gratitudes to all beings.
13  TH begins the THOU with tongue pulsating between
      lips. TH  TH  TH  TH  TH  ("Please never leave us!")
12  Birth of Newborn - SH tongue to move out of mouth
11  Mother Love and Newborn SSSSSSS crickets
     Summer locusts  SS  SS  SS  SS  SS SS SS
10  The Seven Rays Emanating - Seven Horsemen of
      Her Radiant Retinue. EE EE EE EE EE EE Eye muscles crinkled?
9  The White Conch of the Ajna - Descend of the Goddess

     (mind "blows" here) EE EE EE EE EE (on the heartbeat)
  8  The Golden FIsh of prana moving up the nostrils to the
      Ajna (third eye) EE EE EE EE EE EE (on the heartbeat)
  7  The Wheel of Absolute STillness, relaxation and centered-
      ness. EE EE EE EE EE EE EE
  6  The Red Victory Banner of Shabdh (Ringing Silence)
      (notes are g-a three octaves above middle C)
  5  The Blue Upper Curls of the Wisdom Smile (upper lip
      flat on upper teeth) EH EH EH EH EH EH
 4  Ten endless breaths, giving the in to the outbreath.
       Focus on the coolness of the inhale, sign on exhale.
      (exhale) PEU PEU PEU (inhale) EU EU (on heartbeat)
      Keep going as you gradually and 'isometrically' widen
      the smile, tensing the EU with a gradual EH EH EH.

3  The pursed lips' 'sage' smile of widsom. PEU PEU
      PEU on the outbreath and EU EU EU on inbreath.
      On the heartbeats.
  2  The Flowering Upwards of the Heart's Petals.

  1  The Precious Vase here signifies the Buddha's chin, drawn upward in a gesture of compassion
for all beings. Twelve fast bellows-breath inhales with buttocks and anal sphincter
     squeezes, opening and closing hands, palms forward. (inhale) "UM"  (exhale) "HAH!"

                                                START HERE - FOLLOW THE NUMBERS


FOREWORD: The full sound meditation phrase is "PEACE THOU OM" pronounced over a period of breaths as
AFTERWORD: We must understand that "We are all of us responsible for the enmeshment in the current nightmare.
Why? Because if even one of us had awakened totally to our innately Bodhisattvic THAT-ness, then the divine
presence thus manifesting on this material plane would emanate such THUS-ness and Peacefulness that all beings
would feel a bubbling happiness rising up from toes higher and higher into their bodies until it immerses them up
to their chests, their throats, their chins -- totally drowning them in enstasy after one delicious quivering 'I am dying'
fear of total ego-loss dissolution. But then, they just S U R R E N D E R.
QUESTION: Must the heartbeat and breath merge with the beating of angellic wings?
NOTE: For more information on pumping the uvula (#17), please read "Why Is The Buddha Smiling?"
NOTE: Inasmuch as the face is the reflection of the whole body, one can also apply the map to the complete
physical being - i.e. the vase on the chin (#2) becomes the vase-shaped lower belly, the flowering lotus the heart,
the endless breath knot the throat, etc. etc.