The Thwizzler
"How To Increase Your Bliss Tolerance"
By Ramón Sender Barayón

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The Thwizzler, or "How To Increase Your Bliss Tolerance"
By Ramón Sender Barayón

I suggest it is possible to raise one's bliss tolerance to a point of ecstatic overflow via the tickling stimulation of the facial nerves. Over-simplistic? Perhaps, but I've been using this approach now since April 2006, and it's truly amazing.

So what's this 'bliss tolerance' business? Back in the 1960s, a young hippie woman used to ask passers-by, "How much bliss can you tolerate?" Although at first this might seem an unanswerable question (how does one measure bliss tolerance – or even explain it?), it actually is very profound. The ability to tolerate greater and greater amounts of rapturous energy flow is a necessary step for living life at one's highest potential.

Life the way we live it, and especially the manner in which we tend to close down our energies as we grow up, tends to put our bliss tolerance ceiling at a woefully low level. I remember purposefully desensitizing myself to tickles because my older brother wielded enormous power over me by tickling me to the point of agony. Once I had turned off that particular sensitivity, he could no longer torment me, but at the cost of losing a level of skin sensation that might have allowed me greater enjoyment.

What if a simple method exists for anyone to enjoy ecstatic bliss states at will 24 hours, 7 days a week without yoga or meditation or quaffing various fluids or inhaling various substances or downing various pills? The only criticism I have found to this approach came from the Buddha who stated that all sense-experiences by their very nature are evanescent – i.e. can't be permanent. I can imagine this to be true if my hands and arms are ever paralyzed, or I'm marooned on a desert island without a Thwizzler handy. However in both this cases, I have a built-in replacement (see the three-minute youtube video demo, Purring To Nirvana, at Hopefully by the time that ever happens, I will have Thwizzled myself to the point where I won't need it any longer because the effects seem to be cumulative – i.e., reverse tolerance.

Assume for a moment that I am correct, there really is an easy way, on the body level of consciousness (where most human folks tend to hang out) to access a thrilling current of endless, rapturous heart-chakra outpourings – and again, I'm not talking 'better living through chemistry,' or using any add-ons of any kind – except the Thwizzler. Although I still remain relatively tickle-proof over major portions of my body, my face remains very sensitive to light touches, especially around the eyes, nostrils and mouth. Try touching these areas of your face very lightly, and see if you don't get a pleasant response. I think the reason for this facial sensitivity is to alert us to the approach of insects that might otherwise fly up our nose or into our eyes and mouth. The shudder, nose-wrinkle and subsequent nose-tweaks triggered by a fly touching our face I have named 'The Shoo-fly Shudder Reflex,' and what I suggest is that you learn, by using The Thwizzler, to coast very close to this reflex but not trigger it and go 'over the edge'. One thing that helps me tolerate greater amounts of this 'tickle bliss' is to wiggle my toes. Keep the toe-wiggle in mind as you start to Thwizzle!

Take the Thwizzler and allow the Mylar just barely to touch various parts of the face (nose, mouth, around the eyes, etc.) If this doesn't trigger a shiver or shudder, then you can try increasing the stimulation. If you immediately pull back, try the peacock feather instead. Again, you don't want to go over the edge into the Shudder Reflex, but just get as close as possible. The challenge is to disconnect your innate response – i.e., 'something is crawling on my face!' – to allowing the sensation to occur and surf on the sensation. Sometimes it becomes agonizingly difficult not to start tweaking my nose, but if I just stop Thwizzling and allow the sensation to linger, the area around my heart vibrates like a gong, sending ecstatic waves up and down my body. Thwizzling quickly has become my favorite diversion when lying in bed evenings, watching TV and Thwizzling myself into veritable paroxysms of bliss. Over time I have started to differentiate various response levels: the toe-wiggle, the heart-waves, eyes tearing from intense pleasure, an ongoing back-and-forth 'shiver' that I think is how Shakers and Quakers earned their nicknames. I think it's also related to Wilhelm Reich's 'vegetative discharge' and what is called, in bellydancing circles, the 'bump.' Beyond the 'shake and quake' you arrive at the 'chattering teeth as an add-on, along with panting breaths.

Where the Buddha's statement comes into play is when you have stimulated the facial nerves to a point where they have exhausted their firing potential. At this point, just relaxing for a few minutes is enough to reactivate them again. Although this may seem to contradict my earlier '24/7' pronouncement, the fact that reverse tolerance builds over time allows you to learn to evoke the sensations by simply remembering them, or just putting the results first, that is just do the toe-wiggle, the 'shake and quake,' the teeth chatter, and see if these in themselves trigger the energy waves.

The latest Thwizzler version includes two possible stimuli: Mylar 'feathers' and the blunted end of the wire itself. As for the blunt end, I found that just the lightest touch with the wire around or on the lips and chin is amazingly energizing. The wire is convenient for attaching it to your glasses (see photo below) and also for wrapping the Thwizzler around your wrist for convenient storage.

4-19-09 And the MOST latest: If your hair is long enough to allow a few strands to fall over your face and touch around your nose and mouth, this should also trigger the same effects.
Also, just the very lightest touch with your fingernails or fingertips around the upper lips and nostrils should give a similar energy rush.

Currently, I'm in Thwizzler beta-test mode, and therefore happy to mail anyone who requests it his or her very own set to try. Here is one beta-tester's interesting review: from R. Davis, South Bend, IN: I hope that you will do yourself a favor and contact Ramon to test-drive a pair of his Thwizzlers! I was amused when opening the package a couple of weeks ago to find this amazing product inside. What a great stress reliever! I have experimented with his invention and have discovered a marked decrease in my blood pressure even after only 5 minutes of use. I was very excited with this result as I have a very high BP that has been hard to control. I have also noted that this exercise improves relaxation/pleasure sensitivity... I am certain that we can all use a little more joy in our lives. Ramon's invention can help you re-train those senses we have unfortunately been taught to suppress.

Ramon comments: I have duplicated R. Davis's test various times with the same results: my blood pressure dropped almost 15 points after three minutes of thwizzling.

Another reviewer, Priscilla, writes:
"I am here to attest that Thwizzling takes me/show me to:
1) Breathe
2) Unbreathe
3) Lighten
4) Not Sneeze
5) Give In
6) Lift... and the rest is personal and undefinable for me right now. Ach! Blessed be! Thank you!

If the Thwizzler turns out to be as ecstatic for you as I claim it is, I would request you mail me $5 to cover my expenses and thus allow me to expand the population of dedicated Thwizzlers even more widely. I'm convinced that many folks will be so grateful to feel as ecstatic as I feel that they will happily contribute to the project. Or if you prefer to just go ahead and buy in, see below the photo of the Thwizzlers in use:

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