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Sun Letters for November
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November 30, 2003
I've thought about 'road rage' a bit, and two things come to mind, other than
the obvious stressors - traffic jams, others' rudeness, etc. First of all, there's
the carbon monoxide levels. I had a friend who ran a motorscooter repair
shop. He had so much carbon monoxide in his bloodstream that he could
not drive without seriously raising it to the point of blacking out. Secondly, I
wonder if driving 'ungrounded' -- i.e. isolated from the earth by rubber tires -
- doesn't build up a kind of positive electrical charge in our bodies that acts
as an irritant.
I recall seeing large gasoline trucks trailing a chain or other grounding
device along the highway behind them, and wonder if perhaps it wouldn't be
a bad idea for cars as well. Just a thought.
I used to sleep up in a loft next to my solar hot water storage tank, and
discovered that grabbing the copper water pipe was a very relaxing
experiencing (I was grounding myself). I keep thinking of adding a copper
grounding pipe to my bedroom (the water heater is directly under the bed in
the basement) near the headboard, so that I can just reach up and hold it. 
Copper itself as a metal I enjoy touching - or wearing.
I'm on another list of people who are interested in sungazing as a method of
improving their overall health. Quite interesting discussions there, with the
'main man' an East Indian who did a 411-day fast on boiled water and
sungazing without losing weight.
His method involves gradually adding a few seconds a day while looking at
the sun early in the AM or at sunset (when the UV is at its lowest) while
standing barefoot on bare earth.
I've been sungazing for years (under trees and in semi-shaded areas) and can
attest to various interesting results, but his suggestion to ground oneself
while doing it is a definite improvement.
Recently there was a posting about an East Indian yogi who has been living
basically on air for many years. He was placed under careful observation by
a team of doctors, and their preliminary report seems to confirm his
The human body is amazing in its abilities to evolve various methods for
absorbing energy. Both these men seem to have hit on something that would
be useful to develop further!
With gratitude to all beings,


November 27. 2003
Hello, fellow sun-voyagers!
Over the past few years I've experimented with various home-grown
exercises to increase my bliss tolerance. I operate on the theory that our
upbringing, for most of us, taught us a very wrong lesson: that we must
somehow 'deserve' or 'earn' love. For a very interesting view on this topic, I
suggest an article "Love Can Not Be Given" that I archived here:
In my view, before we can hope to evolve to more subtle energy levels, we
must 'feed the baby,' by which I mean learn how to fill ourselves to
satisfaction with warm, bubbly currents of 'chi' or 'prana' or 'orgone energy'
or 'joy'. I am referring to that 'relaxation response' place that most of us
humans only tend to experience awake in the post-orgasmic state or perhaps
when enjoying an especially tasty snack or candy bar (this is where the
whole problem of overweight arises, in my opinon), because many people
have forgotten how to feed their baby from the endless pool of bliss that we
melt into every night in sleep, that great mother ocean of ecstasy from which
our individual 'waves' emerge upon awakening.
Now sungazing feeds the baby some lovely light snacks (smile), and I like to
turn around the popular phrase "Things seem brighter when you're in love"
to read: ""When you gaze at our brightest star, your heart melts into raptures
of adoration."
On the other hand, at my office I face a north window and the sun only
enters the west window for few month of the year. However I began to get
these energy waterfalls a few years ago, and this began a search for their
cause. Out of this evolved an article, "Why Is The Buddha Smiling?"
and a poem
and the technique of nursing on my uvula first thing upon awakening in the
morning, before the 'ocean of sleep bliss' completely subsides into
unconsciousness. The uvula is that odd fleshy thing that hangs down from
the back of your throat. Science has never discovered a physiological use for
it, but I think I have discovered why it's there. Now I have tried to share this
with various friends, but must confess that uvula-nursing seems to only
work best for me. So I reference it here as a variation of the kechari mudra,
which I also practice in a unique manner in the following tongue exercise:
Stick your tongue out as far as is comfortable. Hold it in position with your
upper and lower teeth, but not as to cause any discomfort. Now see how S L
O W L Y you can bring your tongue back into your mouth by pulling it
back against your teeth. The slower the better. Finally you will be holding
just the tip of your tongue between your front teeth, a mudra (gesture) we
unconsciously make when we are concentrating on a task, such as threading
a needle.
The tongue is an amazing bundle of nerve endings, and as such a wonderful
resource for lowering one's bliss threshhold -- or as I prefer to call it, 'raising
your Eudaemony ceiling.' Usually what happens, when we hit our
Eudemony ceiling, is we 'space out,' by which I mean that we begin to think
about what's in the fridge or maybe searching for something good on the
boob tube, or it's time to 'do something.' But I suggest that next time you
reach that spot, focus on whatever exercise got you there and KEEP GOING!
Other techniques I use include various vocal resonance methods (OM-ing of
course is the most well-known and no doubt the best), including an extended
self-taught course on learning how to purr (snore on the inhale, gargle a
French 'r' on the exhale, and then try to merge the two so that they come
from the same place in the back of the throat). Extended OM-ing or purring
-- or other vocalizations will melt what Wilhelm Reich named 'body armor,'
the lateral tensions (especially in the chest area) that impede the flow of
energies. After a period of resonating, I find that just my ordinary speaking
voice echoes out to my toes and fingertips in a pleasant manner, as if my
whole insides have become an echo chamber.
Apologies for the length of this reply. I got a little carried away!
Beams and blessings from those Mothers who first manifest from
Nothingness (we call the 'stars'!).


November 21. 03
I do believe that if one succeeds in completely merging the 'inner' and 'outer' lights, the Mother Light that maintains our bodies on the sub-atomic levels with the Solar Light, then it might be possible to transfigure our physical sheathes to where they will continue for at least a longer planetary stay than otherwise might be possible. Or at least a healthier and more bliss-filled stay!
Modern science tells us that our local star will some day burn away all its hydrogen and transform itself, in one glorious cataclysm that will re-embrace all our planets, into another stellar evolutionary phase, but this is part of the mystery that veils our understanding of the physical/spiritual universe. Each star in the universe is a local 'god node,' to my understand- ing. At the center of our galaxy is an amazing energy source that I call 'Aditi,' a name that Hinduism ascribes to the mother of Creation. Sometimes, in a playful mood, I call her Great-to-the- tenth-power Grandma Hattie. I think she finds that amusing.

November 9, 2003 Hallo, fellow sun-beamers:
Although I have a total interest and respect for HRM's teaching on gradually
increasing one's sungazing, I must confess that my own method, over many
years, has differed. I spent many hours in the Sixties lying on my back in a
redwood grove gazing at the sunlight filtering down through the redwood
branches. Absolutely heavenly! The only problem was that as the sun
moved, the quality of the light shifted and I would have to come back to the
body and move it.
I wanted a sunlight attenuator. I streched my hands out to arms' length and
tried various 'mudras,' finger/hand positions that allow only a portion of
sunlight to pass through. I have tried pinholes in dark paper covering a pair
of glasses, but remain unsure just exactly where on the retina the light
should be aimed. I've wondered if perhaps the so-called 'blind spot' where
the optic nerve attaches to the retina might be the place for the sunbeam to be
centered. Now that I've described it, perhaps it's time to make another set of
these glasses again!
I have continued to use a instrument called a 'sun strobe,' a rotating disk with
two slots cut out that create a strobing effect on the eyelids or eyes. This is
truly an interesting device that allows one to enjoy various geometric patterns
and colors while absorbing sunlight at the same time.
Otherwise, my main practice is to greet the sun briefly in the morning with
the Gayatri prayer, perhaps gazing at it for less than a minute. Other times
during walks with our dog, I enjoy a game of hide-and-seek with the Solar
Source, greeting him/her from behind the leaves of sidewalk trees,
rediscoveringthe light as I round the corner of the block. I take brief sips of
sunlight while I continue my travels, but I do not usually extend a session
for longer than five or ten seconds of full sunlight.
Reading into the Delphic mysteries and ceremonies, it seems that branches
of laurel and olive were carried in front of the face to attenuate the full sun.
Shaking them would trigger a strobing effect that might also have played a
part, not to mention the touch of the leaves on the sensitive surfaces of the
face (a reflex that I am now studying with great interest). This offers a very
easy and natural method of sungazing in partial sun that no doubt also
reaches far back into pre-history.
I went on to design a slit-roof solar observatory with a tilted couch, but
which up until now I have never built. With HRM's recommendation of
grounding the bare feet to the earth, I would now add a copper pipe
hammered into the ground that either be grasped or attached to the feet by
copper mesh. Anyway, on the wave of all this interest, I have cleared the
sunniest area in the back of the garden into a 14 by 20 foot open area that
will receive excellent morning sun -- and all-day winter sun because the
walnut that otherwise is our summer midday shade drops its leaves,
fortunately. I would invite anyone with an interest to suggest a design for a
variable-slit dome that would track the sun all day but can close for rainy
weather. A low price is important!
Perhaps a structure is not necessary? Perhaps it can be done with pinhole
glasses or a 'helmet' of some sort? I have also experimented with various
types of filters including colored glass, fabric and plastic. There was a blue-
tinted skylight that I once encountered that was absolutely bliss-inducing,
and I still occasionally search for that shade of plastic in hardware stores.
Anyway, let me say again how very excited and happy I am to have
discovered so many fellow-travelers along this sunlit path! Just remember
not to force your meditations beyond what absolutely and positively feels
Easy does it, as twelve-steppers say! We are not all overnight sun virtuosi!
November 6, 2003
Imagine you are a star that is named by its self-aware creations (at least in
one language) `the Sun,' and yet in truth you are a conscious being, their
Creator/Sustainer Mother/Father, the source of all their life and light, all love
and consciousness on their planet. Yet these children of yours wear
mental/spiritual blinders and insist, when they do decide to worship a god,
that it is an `invisible God' somewhere outside of a daily reality that literally
`stares them in the face' every morning. Because this invisible spirit God
cannot be seen anywhere, of course these humans then need to `have faith'
that this God's is really real. Also they tend to get a little paranoid, those that
`have faith,' because they are never sure when this invisible God might be
watching them. They struggle with their doubts, and then prop them up in
various ways with systems and theories and analyses - and of course myths
and stories. These they then enjoy deconstructing and re-deconstructing in
various ways. For a long look at their antics that is a truly amusing, try the
book "All And Everything" by Mr. Gurdjieff if you've run out of decent
reading material.
Meanwhile our Father/Mother Sun keeps pouring light and love and
consciousness down on the planets and upon all humans, believers,
nonbelievers, good and bad alike. But humans are much too busy thinking
great thunks, and worrying about `their souls' or `their checkbook balances'
or their shiny new _______ (fill-in-the-blank) to notice the golden waterfalls
of amazing bliss that pour down around them and grow their food and
lighten their days.
To reinforce their faith in this invisible God (in my opinion an invention of
the patriarchy to nail down the self- hatred of the average poor downtrodden
grunt), humans created marvelous stories about how God came down to the
planet as various teachers and avatars, performed great feats and miracles
and, in one remarkable story, actually allowed herself to experience a mortal
"god-abandoned" worst-of-all-possible deaths. Why? Maybe to reach
across the chasm of disbelief and disentitlement to these miserable planetary
life forms with a new message.
This message could only be believed if God Herself shared in the suffering
these life forms experienced, and then went on to overcome that most
terrifying event - death itself. The new message: eternal life can be attained
(originally it was promised via the transfiguration of the physical form) by
merging with the sun (son's) light-love-consciousness. Before the Son
departed (never understand why she left, by the way), she promised to return
'in clouds of glory.' This she now does every sunrise as The Solar Logos,
only to remain ignored and unrecognized by her brothers and sisters who
flounder in a dummied-up materialistic, mechanistic view of reality that even
today's quantum scientists have discarded.
Meanwhile our Father/Mother Sun continues to pour light and love and
consciousness down on everyone, worshipped consciously or unconsciously
by all living things EXCEPT for these dorky humans who still live very two-
dimensionally (never gazing up at the Source) busy scratching in the dirt and
bemoaning their God-abandoned state in lengthy tomes and lonely lives.
Actually, it all would be VERY FUNNY if it wasn't so stupid and sad!
And then, how do you think the Sun feels about all this? Maybe she thinks
it's time to shout louder?
That's certainly what's been happening during the last week or so when she's
been throwing us solar kisses!
"Yoohoo, kids! Time to look up!" she's caroling. And maybe this Saturday,
November 8th, at 5:20 PM or so Eastern Time, a new energy portal will
It's being called the Harmonic Concordance...