October, 2003

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Sun Letters
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Latest posted at the top of the page
October 24, 2003
From the Web of Love website that includes
other spiritual connect-ups from these good folks.
Look at the sun in a safe way, the ancients preferred to do this exercise at sunrise.
'Take a long and slow breath of the power of the sun. Imagine, as lively as possible, that
you are now connecting yourself with the sublime soul of the sun.'
'Pull the sublime soul of the sun down into you and inside of you.'
' Try to get a a very real image of this idea, as something that you can even touch.'
'Experience it as a fact that you become the power of sun yourself.'
'The soul of the sun streams through your breathing organs into your solar center, the solar
plexus; you make it glow, and from here it spreads into your whole body.'
'You must feel this in the tips of your fingers, each cell must participate in this procedure.'
'You experience a peculiar, elevating sensation. It is like electricity that awakes in you: yes,
but it is even more than that.'
'There are spiritual powers developing inside you in the course of this exercise. You must
learn to grasp all this from within.'
'Then the boundaries of your nature will be enlarged and you will finally feel the heavenly
sun beating and pulsating inside you.'
'This exercise is best done at sunrise.'
'If the sun of life is never to set, then you must ignite it within yourself.'
This is more than a symbol; it is reality.'


October 24, 2003:
I agree with other replies that these solar flares are not harmful. There
was a video of a solar flare on TV last night -- truly inspiriing! It looked as if the sun was
blowing a kiss to the planets!
I've always wanted to do an experiment with a solar telescope, and engage in
conversation/prayer with the Solar Being and see if there is any immediate visual response.
I have a feeling there will be, but then I'm considered somewhat eccentric by some for my
view that all elements of our so-called physical universe are conscious.
Light=Consciousness=Love Sat=Chit=Ananda Being=Consciousness=Bliss
My favorite name for the sun is made up of all the vowels, and by odd coincidence (not so
odd, really) duplicates one of the names of God from the Old Testament - Yahweh. I spell
it phonetically, starting with a wide smile on the exhale: EEEEE-AHHHH-OWWWW-
and the inhale: EHHHHHHHHH
It turns into a sort of full-circle breath mantra on all the vowels. How wonderful to name
our God as the breath, so we can some day actually return to Her/Him on our final
The Muslim name for God, Al-lah, I always think of being based on the heartbeat. Try
saying 'la-la-la' in time with your pulse.
This makes me wonder if the historic tension between the Israelites and their surrounding
brethren evolved from an ancient argument about whether God's name is the breath or the
heartbeat. Of course, one can combine the two: (BIG INHALE)
Inhale: La-la-la-la-la (on the heartbeat)
"Eloheem" is also a beautiful name for the Solar Being, and places the mouth at the end in
a smile.
I adore the wonderful Sun Mother/Father who gives us life and keeps everything growing
so that we may embrace each other in love and understanding.
And I believe that as we "awaken" to the Truth of solar consciousness, and as it spreads
across the planet, we offer the Sun a mirror reflection of His/Her glorious self and in return
She/He will help us break open the old shell of materialistic/dualistic thinking and that has
been like our 'pupa stage' as a species and spread our wings in the light of a higher
evolutionary plane as "sun-children of a marvelous dawn," to quote my favorite part of Sri
Aurobindo's epic poem "Savitri". (I'll append the full quote below).
So let's keep spreading the word, and throw away the Kali Yuga darkened incomprehension
of and paranoia about the Light!!! My favorite "Savitri" quote:
I saw the Omnipotent's flaming pioneers
Over the heavenly verge which turns towards life
Come crowding down the amber stairs of birth;
Forerunners of a divine multitude
Out of the paths of the morning star they came
Into the little room of mortal life.
I saw them cross the twilight of an age,
The sun-eyed children of a marvelous dawn,
The great creators with wide brows of calm
The massive barrier-breakers of the world
And wrestler with destiny in her lists of will,
The laborers in the quarries of the gods,
The messengers of the Incommunicable,
The architects of immortality.
Into the fallen human sphere they came,
Faces that wore the Immortal's glory still
Voices that communed still with the thoughts of God,
Carrying the magic word, the mystic fire,
Carrying the Dionysian cup of joy,
Approaching eyes of a diviner man,
Lips chanting an anthem to the soul,
Feet echoing in the corridors of Time,...

High priests of wisdom, sweetness, might and bliss,
Discoverers of beauty's sunlit ways
And swimmers within rapture's laughing, fiery floods
And dancers within rapture's golden doors,
Their tread one day shall change the suffering earth
And justify the light on Nature's face.
As children in elementary school we used to sing:
These things shall be, -- a loftier race
Than ere the world hath known shall rise
With flame of freedom in their souls,
And light of knowledge in their eyes.

New arts shall bloom of loftier mould
And mightier music fill the skies,
And every life shall be a song,
When all the earth is paradise.
The original poem by John Addington Symonds contains several extra verses between
these two, but we only sang the first and last.
Despite the anguish and suffering that we currently experience planetside, I still believe this
dream can come true in a flash, in a second. If enough of us awaken to solar
consciousness, I think we can trigger a wave of awakening that will sweep across the planet
-- in fact, to my way of thinking, it's already starting right HERE!!!
Who's going to be the 'hundredth sun yogi?'
Beams and Solar Blessings,
October 22, 2003: I was delighted to have a visit at my place of work today from M. of
sungazers.com -- also now reading on this list. Welcome, M! And thank you for your
inspirational visit. It's so exciting for me to be meeting other sungazers in person -- and
even 'virtually' on this list!
It seems that there may be 'something' happening, with so many people coming forward to
talk about living / healing themselves directly on the Source. But it's also good to remind
ourselves that we already are that same Source on the 'inside' that we are merging with on
the 'outside.' Once we succeed in merging these two lights - that inner light within our very
cells and the outer light that creates and maintains our planet - we will then learn how to
transfigure the human form into what it is capable of becoming. Like a butterfly emerging
from its cocoon, our caterpiller selves will be transformed -- on the physical plane, is the
The fundamentalists have it partially correct with their "Rapture" theory, although I believe
that the Christ returns daily at sunrise and merely awaits patiently our awakening to the
reality of the Presence daily in our lives. Then we can discover that this planet is the
Garden of Eden, and set about re-planting and recovering our original paradise.
The curious thing about the Power of Darkness is that the light lies buried even in the
deepest darkness, only awaiting our awareness to bring it forth.
Beams and Blessings,
Ramon (Ray) Sender
10/22/03 As for cloudy weather, I have lived on the foggy coast of northern California for
many years, and actually find the fog a useful 'attenuator', although I must confess that our
recent 'perfect' sunny weather over the last four months has been just a heavenly time.
Sungazing during thin overcast or occasional clouds can be just as productive, in my
opinion. And winter sun in these climes has a very special quality, sort of like a rare vintage
of champagne.
Also, I think it's important to develop a childlike relationship to the Solar Being, who as the
creator of all life and source of all goodness appreciates some sort of occasional
recognition from her children (I sometimes approach the Sun as Mother Sun in the same
way as the Japanese). Imagine these strange humans who have 'abstracted' an invisible god
to worship (somehow I find an invisible god a good source of paranoia -- 'Is He watching
me? Oh dear!!!' and just ignore the reality, which is that 'the Solar Christ 'returns daily out
of love for Her creations and blesses (blisses) you with warmth, health, life and light.
So I talk to Her and give her various pet names, as well as chanting that most ancient of
prayers, the dawn prayer, The Gayatri, which in Sanskrit reads:

Om, Bhur Bhuvaha Svar
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Deevasya Dheemahi
Dyo Yo Naha Prachodayat
Translations vary, and I change-polish mine frequently. Currently I am partial to:

Aum, oh earth, oh air, oh golden light
Oh, that brilliance, most adored!
We drink the splendor of that One
Who breathes bliss into our soul.
Word for Word Meaning of the Mantra according to http://www.gayatrigyanmandir.org
Aum = Brahma ; bhoor = embodiment of vital spiritual energy (pran) ; bhuwah = destroyer
of sufferings ; swaha = embodiment of happiness ; tat = that ; savitur =bright like sun ;
varenyam = most choice; bhargo = destroyer of sins ; devasya = divine ; dheemahi = may
imbibe ; dhiyo = intellect ; yo = who ; naha = our ; prachodayat = may inspire ;
Sun Yoga really begins with the 'Sun Greeting,' the Surya Namaskar series of 12 yoga
postures. Once learned along with the Gayatri, I find they combine well. Start with 'Bhur'
on the inhale with the first postures of clasping together of the hands, and say 'Yo Naha' as
one word on the second-to-last.
For further instruction, I recommend a book that I mentioned earlier by Omraam Mikhael
The Splendour of Tiphareth (Complete Works Collection, vol.10)
The Yoga of the Sun.
ISBN 1-895978-05-X $14.95 from
In my view, at death our spirits merge once again with the sun, and this same view was
shared by the sages and seers of ancient India. So heaven does exist!
Ramon (Ray) Sender
Ramon to a child: "Why do you say the sun is your friend?" Child: "Because he's always
looking over my shoulder!"
October 21, 2003: Dr. Groves basically celebrates John Ott's discoveries, as well he
should. I interviewed John Ott over the phone for the article I wrote, and basically ran down
an overview as follows before asking him if it more or less coincided with his theories: He
said that it did.
The sun in not a steady-state star. It has it periods of high activity, and the body has
evolved a light meter for monitoring solar activity and adjusting itself accordingly. This
light meter is our pineal gland, the 'master gland' that regulates the whole endocrine system
as well as several other activities. In other species such as reptiles, this gland lies just
underneath the skin of the forehead and tells its owner when it's had enough sun and it's
time to seek shade. In humans, the gland is based in the very center of the brain, slightly to
the back actually, on the dorsal edge of the third ventricle, one of several cavities that act as
reservoirs for the spinal fluid that constantly circulates throughout the body.
(It was Ott, by the way, that sponsored research that tracked the pathways from the eye to
various parts of the brain other than the visual center and that discovered important
connections between the retina and the pineal gland)
Anyway, when the sun is active, it's producing a larger quantity of high energy particles that
rain down all over the planet and basically shoot through our bodies. It takes about 40 feet
of earth to begin to slow them down. However the body's repair mechanisms are able to
deal with these 'pinholes' and become more active via a signal from the pineal gland when
the sun 'awakens'. The part of the solar spectrum that our body monitors most carefully is
the UV end, because this is the area where the most potentally damaging particles are
Now if we live in a 'filtered' environment, such as behind glass windows and wearing
glasses -- both cutting down the natural ultraviolet (both high UV and low UV) -- the body
assumes that the sun has entered a dormant phase and shuts down the repair system's
activitiy accordingly. However we still are getting 'zapped,' because glass does not stop
these high energy particles, but we are not getting our 'pinholes' repaired. Now whenever
one of these particles hits the nucleus of a cell, there is a possibility of a mutation occuring
when the cell reproduces. And out of these possible mutations, there are those that can
become 'runaway' mutations of the sort we call cancer.
So the upshot is that yes, although the sun can initially create a mutation, our body has
repair systems that take care of this IF it's early warning system, based in the pineal gland,
has been alerted. Unfortunately the majority of humans in western cultures have opted to
filter their sunlight in various ways, and the body remains unprotected.
As Ott said in one of his books, "When I retired, I used to sunbathe on the beach because I
intuited that it would improve my arthritis of the hip. But my condition did not improve
until the day when I accidentally sat on my sunglasses and broke them." (paraphrased)
Sunlight is an amazing substance in many ways. I believe it also is 'conscious' on a certain
level -- it certainly contains vibrational elements that can act directly on living matter. I once
tried an experiment with a magnifying glass, using it to briefly concentrate light on a
quarter-sized area of my lower calf. It put my calf into a muscle spasm, not once but several
times. I haven't repeated the experiment in many years, but perhaps now that I've found a
community of fellow-practioners, I'll go ahead and repeat it.
Stay tuned!
Beams from She who Manifests First within our galactic coordinates,
Ramon (Ray) Sender
My favorite equation is consciousness=light=love (excuse me if I'm repeating myself)
Light is 'vertical' love, and love is 'horizontal light' with the heart the great transformer of
light into love.
10/20/03 Hello, H! I'm so glad to be in touch with you! I've been very impressed with your
ability to switch your body over to operating on sunlight!
I spoke with V a little about the work that Sri Aurobindo -- well, especially his Sweet
Mother Mira -- did towards the divinization of the physical. A very interesting book
regarding this is Satprem's "The Life of the Cells." Satprem was Mother's daily companion
for many years, and kept many notes of their talks.
I also spoke with him about Omraam Michael Aivanov's life and experiences, again
recommending the book that I believe is mentioned in my letter that Vinny posted on his
It seems that you were in the Bay Area recently, and that unfortunately it was a 'missed
opportunity' for me. Do let me know whenever you plan to pass through here again!
As someone who has never had anyone with whom to share the solar divine experience,
you cannot imagine how excited and pleased I am to have made contact now with what
looks like a network of sungazers!
Looking forward -- and upward!
Beams and Blessings from She who manifested first in our star system,
Ramon (Ray) Sender
October 10, 2003 -- Happy Birthday, Dearest Lou!
Getting Naked with the Self!
A few edited quotes from Self-Liberation Through Seeing
With Naked Awareness
The Tibetan text translated here is a very important work for the understanding of the view
of Dzogchen, which in Tibet is generally regarded as the highest and the most esoteric
teaching of the Buddha. For the full text, browse: http://hjem.get2net.dk/civet-
I have added the item in [square brackets] with an additional comments.
Verse 10 It is certain that the nature of the mind is empty and without any foundation
whatsoever.Your own mind is insubstantial like the empty sky.
You should [turn your awareness around 180 degrees* and] look at your own mind to see
whether it is like that or not.
It is certain that self-originated primal awareness has been clear (and luminous) from the
very beginning, like the heart of the sun, which is itself self-originated.
You should [turn your awareness around 180 degrees* and] look at your own mind to see
whether it is like that or not.
It is certain that this primal awareness, which is one's intrinsic awareness, is unceasing, like
the main channel of a river that flows unceasingly.
You should [turn your awareness around 180 degrees* and] look at your own mind to see
whether it is like that or not.
It is certain that the diversity of movements (arising in the mind) are not understandable by
memories, but are like insubstantial breezes that move through the atmosphere.
You should [turn your awareness around 180 degrees* and] look at your own mind to see
whether it is like that or not.
It is certain that whatever appearances occur, all of them are self-manifested, like the images
in a mirror being self-manifestations that simply appear.
You should [turn your awareness around 180 degrees* and] look at your own mind to see
whether it is like that or not.
It is certain that all of the diverse characteristics of things are liberated into their own
condition, like clouds in the atmosphere that are self-originated and self-liberated.
You should [turn your awareness around 180 degrees* and] look at your own mind to see
whether it is like that or not.
* Turning one's awareness around and gazing nakedly (i.e. without attaching or non-
attaching to thoughts) upon That Which is Aware creates the experience that could be
called "Blue Sky Naked Awareness," in which thoughts that arise are just like occasional
clouds floating past. I can access this 'awareness turning around' state by pretending to turn
my eyes around (eyes closed) and looking into my head. Of course this is not possible
physically, but my eyes roll gently upwards in the process of 'looking,' and then I find the
'looked' looking at the 'looker,' so to speak. More than anything else that Salvia has done
for me has been allowing me to access this state more easily. Some also call it the state of
One Taste. It's hard to describe verbally, but you'll know when you find it because you'll
want to stay there. For myself, I find a basic sensation attached to this state that is a feeling
of energy right in the center of my head. If I was to locate it in a cross-sectional diagram of
the brain, it would be in the spinal-fluid-filled cavity known as the Third Ventricle, at the
back end of which exists the pineal gland. For those interested, I've posted a cross-sectional
drawing at: http://www.raysender.com/diagram3.html Of course the true yoga is to keep
this state going effortlessly while performing all the mundane tasks of one's daily life - i.e.
the classic 'chopping wood, carrying water' that is often cited. Compassion and kindness
towards oneself and all beings help this along. At some point, all 'supports' should be able
to be put away, and this is where True Freedom from all Opposites begins - again, all this
is merely my opinion!