updated 12/8/06
Bathed in Solar Enthusiasms! 11/4/03

Light = Vertical Love    Love = Horizontal Light    All Living Beings' Hearts Are Light-to-Love Transformers

  For various diagrams explaining this and other solar aspects, please check out diagrams.html

Just this past month (October, 2003), I discovered a whole community of active sungazers on the Internet, and will post here various of my letters  to these wonderful sun brothers and sisters! I am so delighted, after all these years, to have found these 'sol'-mates! Up until now, I have been reticent to share my sungazing meditation exercises because of all the cultural phobia about looking at the sun. But now I feel I am no longer alone in rediscovering this gateway to solar consciouness.

Here is a page of collected quotations and links dealing with various aspects of the Solar Being.

Here is a page of links to various articles on this website dealing with the Solar Being.

Also, I am posting various clippings and news items of solar importance. as well as
items and books discovered on the Internet.