updated 4/8/04


A leetle nonduality Michael Read with your crumpets, Monsieur? or perhaps a leetle Shakyamuni with your Sukiyaki?



or as I wrote to SalviaD_Alliance list earlier today:
The main thing my Salvia experiences have shown me is that if all lateral tension is hummed or 'om'd' or sung out of the body, then one's speaking voice begins to resonate fully all the way out to fingers and toes during one's consensus reality state of mind.
I continue working on the 'snarl-purr' in-out sound, which I produce most easily when I hold a very wide smile and snore on the inhale, and 'gargle' on the exhale. What's interesting about this mouth position is that I can purr in and out without changing anything, allowing the lips also to vibrate a little on each in and out breath.
I'm now trying to subvocalize this with a less wide smile so that I can do it anywhere any time without anyone thinking I'm weird (I am weird, but I'd rather not spread it around).
Once I get it going, I find I can relax the smile and keep the same 'purr' happening, but it's still resonating at about the same volume as a light snore. I can get away with this in bed at night when my darling bed-sharer is asleep without awakening her, but I'd like to make it totally silent. I find that if I then frame the word "ALL" in the back of my throat silently, on both in and out breath, I can sort of keep the same energy moving through my body.
Is this where the God name "ALLAH" evolved?

Now I'm trying the ALL as "AL-LA-LA-LA," moving the tongue quietly in 'La-la's' inside the mouth.
If I can just avoid from the plateau effect when I reach my bliss tolerance ceiling, and break through to new levels!
AL-LA-LA-LA on the heartbeat, on the in and out breath! Very strong! The word "AWE" also works well, by the way. How AWE-some!