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Favorite Links

Spiritual Teacher David Spero transforms divine light into Divine Mother love and transmits it from her heart.

(A list devoted to charmismatic Buddhist bliss states. Very instructional for the serious meditator)

Swami Beyondananda's Words of Wisdom

"If it's serious, it's not funny!" -- Wavy Gravy

(definitely worth a visit and contributing to!)

Breathe Love In and Out Exercise and other spiritual connect-ups from these good folks.

Petre's excellent sungazer's resource page - updated 2-21-08

For the aspiring shaman and entheogeneticist, find out all there is to know about the divine mint, Salvia Divinorum, and the buyers co-op, Salvia magazine and listserve.
(Ah, sun worship!)

(Ah, more sun worship!)

(bought his $29 video of basic moves and like it!)

(some beautiful photos, especially one of a Chinese goddess head)

(terrific Buddhist art site, where I'm studying the 'tongue between the lips' mudras on various buddhas.)

(always good spiritual quotes)

 (Somebody thinks there's an unidentified major crowd around)

(more of the above)

(Interesting approach to Ramana Maharshi's  basic teaching)


(re the above, I’Äôm trying the $8 Indium sample ’Äì quite amazing energy
 boost on 4 drops! Also their Fervita brew, but I’Äôm determined to start
 brewing my own ’Äòdrunk’Äô microorganisms.)

The author of the above is a ’Äòbrewmaster’Äô and sungazer. Interesting guy.

trying to find a cheap source of these LEDs in the recommendedwavelengths to fool
around with, but no luck so far!)

(folks who are manufacturing a healing LED pad for sports injury treatments.
  At $400, I think it's possible to do better.)

(opening of our very local farmrers’Äô market- the short clown may look familiar, or at least the accordion)


The Morningstar Ahimsa Tribe

Morningstar and Wheeler Ranch Scrapbooks
"Home Free Home" a Morning Star and Wheeler Ranch history
Morningstar Newsletters
Laurel and Tom Home
"A Tribute to Open Land and Mother Earth" by Char~*
The Limeliters
Pam Hanna - History of Morningstar East (New Mexico) and other essays.

Infinite Points of Time: Morningstar Chronicles by Pam Hanna

Open Land Movement and Pam's Chronicle

The Next Morningstar - New Mexico Installment

David Hatch's website

Moses Moon by David Hatch

Steven Stine aka Friar Tuck., co-founder of The Sacred Order of the Morning Star, and Prior Pasttime
Bishop & Peggy Saltzman, Tie Dye Guys

Bishop's page about O.B.Ray

Robert's Erawan.Net