The Map is a subtle anagram on IAOUE, the name of God according to Zero The Wunderweight, the on-again, off-again hero of my novel ZERO WEATHER*. It illustrates Zero's story of the Water Brother who looks up at his Sky Brother shown here as the Sun Father. Within the Guide are contained all the planes and dimensions of all manifesting universes. Starting at the top, God Unmanifest is symbolized by the lotus pool and star, "Great10 Grandpa Lemuel," "Old Kingfish Heself" in Zero's words. He is dreaming a dream in which he is gazing sadly at His own reflection in the Old Wishing Hole while strumming his guitar or oud or psaltery and singing "The Death-Rattle Reincarnation Blues," that eleven-billion-year-old All Time Favorite:

The Death-Rattle Reincarnation Blues
("pffffft" equals The 'Razz' or Bronx Cheer)

Oh, I went on down, to the fishin' hole
All tranquil - without a care.
My face stared back, all wrinkled and old,
The marks of death were there.
Oh arghhhhhhhhh, pffffft!
It's the Death Rattle Reincarnation Blues!
Let me go, let me go, to the ocean sublime,
And ease my cares away.
Let me seed myself through the ages of time,
So death's dues I won't have to pay.
Oh arghhhhhhhhh, pffffft!
It's the Death Rattle Reincarnation Blues!
Well, it's just plain hard, to live alone,
And keep yourself in tune.
Much better to find yourself a friend,
To howl with at the moon.
Oh arghhhhhhhhh, pffffft!
It's the Death Rattle Reincarnation Blues!
It's the Death Rattle What-in-tar-nation Blues!
It's the Death Rattle Take-a-vacation Blues!

Great10-Grandpa Lem's tears drop into The Divine Mother, aka Great10 Grandma Hattie when she manifests as the creator of our Milky Way. She is symbolized as the star over the pyramid floating in the Sun Boat that floats on the Ocean Sublime of our galaxy. Out of the bottom of the boat come into existence all beings, all stars. We bubble through the Sky Fish until we reach the horned sphinx face of Father Sun, eyes staring and tongue protruding to remind us of his infinite suffering of diminution for our sakes. He is licking up the soul essences of the Solar System entities, symbolized by the upside-down female body. Reflecting downwards from her is the male body astride Gaia, Mother Earth. Their hands merge to create the seat of the true 'I' out of which emanate the four circles which, according to Sufi doctrine, the human 'I' can attain. They are: 1) The 'I am' state in which the person is aware of his or her true identity, a self-actualized soul. 2) The secret mansion where the ecstatic union of male and female principles takes place (Mysterium Conjunctionis). 3) The Sanctified Abode where soul meets with all other self-actualized souls. 4) The circle where the soul communes with God as The Beloved. Below the soul's true seat within the merged hands stretch the three lower realms of being until we arrive at Mother Earth. She is shown as a dissected infant head with the land masses bunched together. Why? Because there is a correlation, according to Zero, between the physiology of the infant brain and a map of the primitive earth. Zero wanted also to show how the Mediterranean Sea and Gulf of Mexico fold over each other to become the central capsule of the diencephalon, and also how the Nile River becomes the spinal cord under the spine of the Andes. As an emanation of Innate Knowledge, Great1Á Grandma Hattie's Tune-Up Chart issues from the ancient brain, the cerebellum, a series of correlations that allow the reader to look up his sun sign at the top and then read down the column. The Guide may also be read upwards from Father Sun's face as follows (always according to Zero's theories): As our consciousness prepares to leave the body at death or in very high states of meditation, it travels from its seat on the focal point of the retina into the blind spot and thence up both optic nerves. This even is referred to as 'Piercing the Veil'. It is then possible to peel off the layers of memory and live one's life backwards, plunging through the center of the pituitary gland (shown as the six-pointed star on Father Sun's forehead) where, enfolded between the posterior and anterior sections of the gland, lies a tiny piece of the original neural tissue from your earliest moments in a body. Within it, according to Zero, lies the memory of your conception. Just dive into the blinding light of your conception and pass into the third ventricle, that great central sea of Being. It is the way from the dream worlds of the mammillary bodies and the undulating hills of the thalamus towards Mt. Olympus, the posterior commissure, within which dwells the hairy Cyclops in his cave (the nucleus of Darkschewitsch), the Manta Ray whose sting you must feel to pass from this life - the Death Hormone. You can get this far in coma or in samadhi, but from here on it's a no-return passage into the pineal gland pyramid where the soul essence separates permanently from your physical self

* ZERO WEATHER is still available from the author for $10 postpaid.