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N Y Times video of gravity wave discovery and a sound sample

1/27/16 So Happily May We Return A Science Fiction Love Story

9/3/14 A brief "How-To" of my 'Universal Panacea' exercise.

9/1/14Access my Little Booklet#3 "Touching Nirvana" that describes all my favorite ways for an embodied approach to bliss states.

7/20/14A Here is my latest Youtube video, a demo of my various resonance exercises.
It was inspired in response to my recent discovery of somatics/body-mind therapist
Julie Henderson's two books, "The Hum Book" and "Embodying Well-Being,"
both only available from the author on her website.
I'm delighted to finally have discovered someone teaching along the lines of my body
resonance discoveries, this after some ten years poking about the Internet and writing
perhaps more than 40 emails to various professionals (most of them unanswered.) So it
goes, and happily forgotten now that I've found a group involved in similar work.
Also I've put together another article on body resonance that partners with the video.

4/19/14Links to my YouTube purring videos:
"Purring to Nirvana"
and the sequel, "purring to nirvana II," which develops the basic purr exercise further.

The 3-30-14 article on purring-tracheal resonance that gives more detailed information on the above videos.
1-13-14 updated link to PDF article on the Voluntary Blink page
Introduction to Candice O’Denver’s Balanced View Teaching-A Talk 6-03-2013
Intro to Balanced View - a Talk.
Winter Solstice 12-21-2012: Updated the OBEATA Project main page,
which links to exercises that receive my main focus of attention
2/15/12UPDATED links to music files
2/15/12A RECENTLY UPDATED 75th Birthday Handout
10/18/11A proposed re-design of the American Flag
2/15/10 7/18/09King ZerO's COrOnatiOn Speech, Occidental, CA - linked to Zero's main page 4-1-2005
3/6/115/10/2009Postings to my new "'Blog as of 2011")
12/26/10 5/10/2009The Chin Lift of Universal Compassion
8/13/10 5/10/2009How To Make A Thwisher Rattle
2/15/107/18/09How To Build Adjustable Sungazing Goggles - updated 2-14-10
10/19/097/18/09A 75th Birthday Handout - updated 2-14-10
10/13/097/18/094. A History Of Bliss Tolerance
7/18/09Add-on to the Voluntary Blink exercise
11/29/08Essay "Are We REALLY There Yet"written on Election Day, 2008
4/12/07The Amazing Thwizzlerwill Increase your Bliss Tolerance Levels -- A Lot -- updated version!
4/31/06 updated "Snore Your Way To Nirvana!" Still my all-time favorite bliss-inducing exercise!
3/27/06 Paper presented at "West of Eden" conference, UC Berkeley
2/21/06 updated "Octopushood - Doing The Eights," a core essay on my dance up the meadows of Mount Meru
1/1/06 Eight Auspicious Signs on the Buddha's Face and a Version of the Vajra Mantra
12/4/05Added AYP Meditation Class announcement11/1/05
Chart Cross-referencing States of Consciousness
11/1/05Chart of Buddhist Jhana States of Absorption
11/1/05Zero's bio updated!
5/31/05Zero Crowned King of Fools!
5/31/05The rest of Zero's Coronation Speech & article
5/30/05 uploaded a scanned copy of Manifesto II, created at Ahimsa Ranch, 1971

5/8/05 fixed a 'disappeared' page - The Map to Everything Displayed as a Pictorial of IAOUE

4/5/05 BLOG - online daily journal
link fixed 1/27/05 Article from Noe Valley Voice on Ramon's retirement from the Ministry
improved 1/27/05 Thai Row of Buddhas Overlay with added Bodhgaya Buddha, temple, sky, etc.
1/12/05 Thai Buddha Overlay with added Bodhgaya Buddha & corrected aura
uploaded 10/30/04 When purring is too loud for others, try whispering "Eureka!'
uploaded 10/30/04 Tracheal Flutter Exercise as 70th Birthday Message
uploaded 4/17/04 and belatedly listed here 10/30/04 Emotional Being - A Monologue
more more slightly corrected 10/26/04 Derive a Song from the Now with the I Ching
more slightly corrected 10/14/04 Derive a Song from the Now with the I Ching
9/20/04 Thai Row of Buddhas Overlay with added Bodhgaya Buddha, temple, sky, etc.
9/20/04 Thai Buddha Overlay with added Bodhgaya Buddha
slightly corrected 9/13/04 Derive a Song from the Now with the I Ching
7/2/04 Thailand Row of Buddhas overlay with temple, sky, etc.
5/30/04 Updated Sunstrobe Building Instructions IMPORTANT CHANGE!
5/11/04The set of interviews with Ramon's spirit guide,
Conversations with Shady
is available here.

4/24/04 Breath Notes
4/17/04 The Emotional Being - A Monologue
4/17/04 Snore Your Way to Nirvana
4/11/04 Great Thunks from E-mail
4/8/04 YVWH Meditation Simplified
4/8/04 The Eyes and Smile
4/8/04 Feeding the Baby
4/8/04 solar clippings of interest
4/8/04 God's Name in French is Henri
4/8/04 Zer0's Bi0
4/8/04 The Advaita Merry-Go-Round
4/8/04 Learning to Geek
4/8/04 A Little Nonduality With Your Crumpets?
2/4/04 Octopushood - Doing the Eights
2/4/04 Thailand Buddha Overlay
1/16/04more links added
November sunletters
More October sunletters added
Imagine 10/07/03
e-mail to fellow sungazers and fellow travellers 10/23/03Selections from e-mail 10/19/03
Some Graphics, Some Also Accessible Elsewhere On This Website
Selections from e-mail 9/15/03
Selections from e-mail from 9/6/03
Selections from e-mail from 5/19/ - 6/6/03
Selections from e-mail from 6/13/03
Homo Noeticus 7/21/03
Guardian Grandma - Short Story (1975) 7/19/03
The Day Great-Grandpa Died - Short Story (1986) 7/19/03
Homo Solaris Exercise 7/19/03
Brain Cross-Section 7/19/03
Temple of Ma-t 7/19/03
Light to Love Conversation Diagram 6/19/03