updated 4/8/04

(Combining the names of God in the Jewish and Moslem faiths in the hopes of furthering greater Peace and Understanding)

March 3, 2002

Loving salutations to all my honored teachers, Master Omraam for the Solar Yoga, Master Chia for the Smile Meditation, Master Aziz for the practice of Pure Awareness, Dawn Summers for the Blue Sky visualization, and all my mothers and teachers and fellow aspirants everywhere, especially my spiritual mentor, David Spero..

The Suggested Sequence
Seat yourself in your habitual meditation posture, but visualize yourself as seated on a comfortable cushion, back straight, your body at ease, overlooking a wide ocean and a light blue sky. Interlace the fingers, palms up, and place the index fingertips together.
Begin to breathe in a slow, sleep-breath pattern while practicing a relaxed positioning of your mind above your thoughts, your awareness like an empty blue sky, with thoughts just the white clouds floating past beneath you, with your neither rejecting nor attaching to them.

The Silent YVWH Mantram
Sound the mantram as the five vowels (IAOUE) to yourself silently as God manifesting in the breath.
Inbreath: "EEEEE"
Pause at top of the inhale for a moment "AHHHHHH"
Pause at the bottom of exhale for a moment: "EHHHHH"
Practice this a few times, maintaining your "blue sky awareness."

The Allah Mantram
The mantram ALLAH represents God manifesting as the hearthbeat.
Turn the tongue backwards, with the tip brushing against the roof of the mouth. Allow the tip to brush backwards rhymthically a few times against the hard palate but do not become interested in the waves of energy generated by this movement. Keep a detached, detailed awareness to nothing.

Be Present - Surfing the NOW Before Thought
'Presence" can be centered on the surface of the eyes, turning them slightly upwards into the forehead. Awareness is now centered in the ajna chakra - the 'third eye, with the "blue sky" arching overhead Continue to breathe IAOUE on the breath, with detailed attention to nothing, expecting nothing, not grabbing for sensations or 'results', allowing the tongue tip to tap the heartbeats against the back of the palate. If a quiet 'clucking' sound occurs, allow it. It should remind you of a nursing baby's tongue movements while asleep

The Smile Asana
Create the Smile Asana as the face of the shining sun within the 'blue sky' of your detached Awarenesss. Widen the mouth, crease the cheeks until your ears move. Raise the forehead muscles and eyebrows slightly upwards. Flare the nostrils and create a 'lock' -- a 'bandha' -- in this position. It may feel exaggerated, but this is okay for now because the tendency is to relax gradually out of the Smile.
Continue to deep-sleep breathe the IAOUE and keep the heart's beat with the backwards tongue, 'la, la, la, la' without expectations, without attachment Practice non-expectation and allow a loving, motherly higher presence to overwhelm you.
Count the outbreaths. According to Swami Shivananda, a sequence of 12 while holding your detailed awareness to nothing equals concentration, 144 equal meditation, 12 times 144 equal samadhi. Thank you for this lesson