sunletters January-07

Sunletters January 7 2007
A wrote:
> By the way, I'm a pagan Christian, they are not mutually exclusive.

Not mutually exclusive, indeed! I view Dark Matter/Energy as She Who
Manifests First from the Unmanifest, and the stars as Buddha/Christ entities
bursting into light and burning out of compassion for the benefit of all
beings. It's also interesting that now astronomers are finding that a
large percentage of star systems are binaries (even possibly our very own,
with Sol in a 24,000-year orbit/dance with a so-called 'black dwarf.')
I think when two humans create a Dyad, they have the option of
going up the ladder to 'shine' as a binary as they achieve Star
Status (funny how these words reflect a deeper reality!)

So, basically, Yeshua 'returns in clouds of glory' (quoting the NT) for
me every morning, and I rejoice in his/her presence for many hours
until she/he moves to bathe the other side of the planet. (Actually there's
a lot of light buried in nighttime's total darkness also). And it's
definitely a personal relationship in that I can dialogue with the Solar
Being any time I want.

Splitting things into dualities such as matter and spirit, etc. etc., just
complicates things, in my opinion. Writing books about spirit and then
claiming them as holy scripture has led us into a whole lot of trouble.
Matter is just slowed-down light about to remember its origins.
Animals know all this. It's just we humans who are boinked a half-second
behind the Now by our reflective awareness, but that too serves the ultimate
purpose of creating individually unique sparkles - facets of the Diamond in
the Sky - Hi, Lucy! I think Supreme Source enjoys viewing itself even in
rain puddles. How saucy of Her!


Sunletters January 5 2007

roo paraphrased Longchenpa:

> Just as rays of sunlight are subsumed within the orb of the sun, all
> phenomena of the universe of appearances and possibilities are subsumed within
> their source, awakened mind.

Could it possibly be, inasmuch as matter and spirit are one, that all
local awakened mind is within the orb of the sun? Roosters think so.
I think so too!
Happy Perihelion (Jan 2-3)!