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Sunletters April 2004

Regarding your sungazing questions, you are entering the anterooms of the palace or 'Heaven' of our Creator Self, whose being by us can only be perceived as such brilliant splendor that we must gradually acclimatize ourselves, No matter how excited or eager, you may feel -- don't we all just YEARN for the same thing, that Golden Union with Beyond Names? But this must be a very gentle and gradual process, because the Golden Union is achievable only with HARMLESSNESS to all parts of the Being. A good mixture is equal amounts of AWE and AWAKENING UNDERSTANDING.
Think of your favorite person in the world -- perhaps you just adore a film star, a sports figure, or saintly being like the Buddha, or as a child you worshipped someone older than you. Now understand that the Beyond Names being you are approaching is like the most gorgeous, intelligent, understanding, sensitive friend you could ever imagine having. You are face-to-face with your Beloved, your Soul Other.
But don't get too impatient. No grabbies! It takes some practice to be able to withstand Truly Glorious Presence in our normal physical form while still practicing Ahimsa - Harmlessness - to all Beings, including the one in which we reside.
Rule 1 for becoming One with THAT must certainly be AHIMSA. "May All Beings Be Peaceful And Happy Forever."
Rule 2: become friends with the entity known as 'The Sun'.
Feel The Presence as much of the time as you can, and after a while The Presence becomes a kind of second nature.