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Sun Sun August 19 2005

In message number 677, MR quoted an interesting posting from
Vinny's site with a link and quote as follows:

"... I discovered that without a doubt the New Testament's portrayal
of Jesus and his life and ministry is little more than the
personification of the Sun. The gospel figure of Jesus is a Jewish
adaptation of the mythical godman found under many different names in
ancient pagan mystery religions:"
[end quote]
The full article is quite interesting, reaffirming as it does what is
posted and published in many other places about the way the Jesus
story incorporated and absorbed so many earlier stories.

This all corresponds with my experience and belief system. As for the
chaotic mess that organized Christianity has made of the original teachings,
I ignore and abhor the whole business and find serious fault with all the
'book religions,' which merely triggered the patriarchal orthodoxies that
have murdered more bodies and souls than they have 'saved'.

To me it's
interesting that many of the solar godmen's names contain the 'ssss' or
'eeeshhh' sound, which to me is similar to the one I hear as the 'photon
hiss' of sunlight.
"Kreeshna, Yeshua, Gee-siz, Veeshnu, Meethra, Sheeevah, etc."

I personally chant "Ees-sees" to the Egyptian mother goddess and like
to nurse on my reversed tongue to trigger high bliss states, especially
first thing upon awakening.

I've also been blessed with a personal relationship with the solar source
since 1958, although I did not connect all the dots until 1966 when I
finally traced the voice I was hearing to its origin - and then realized
that the sun was a conscious creator-being, our 'divinity node' in our
sector of the galaxy.

Actually, now I think upon it, the sun's been my friend since infancy.
I have a photo of myself at a few months of age smiling and kicking
happily in a beam of sunlight. Of course that's equally true for all of us!

"Why do you say that the sun is your friend?" a little girl was asked.
"Because he's always looking over my shoulder at what I'm doing!"

When I take a walk facing the sun, I experience an I-Thou worshipping
relationship and dialogue (bhakti). When I walk away from the sun,
I walk as the sun incarnating in a body on the planet, enjoying the
fruits of his/her creation. When I walk with the sun on my left or
right side, I walk with him/her as my friend (Mitra, in Sanskrit).

What paradise! So why am I now out there right now? Hm, there's
a brief veil of fog drifting in, actually one of my favorite times...