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Sun August 11 2004

Dearest Brother Gordon:
Thank you for pointing me to Rodney Collin's sister-in-law's essay. I found it both instructional --
I never knew exactly how Rodney fit into the Ouspensky picture - and also very moving.
The only teacher I ever 'signed up' to work with on a weekly basis for some months was
Robert de Ropp, who always described himself as 'Oupensky's Gardener." A very fierce and
exquisite man, in many ways. He burned with the same fierce flame that I find in
Rodney, and when the end of his life came, he just got into his sea-going kayak and paddled
out into the Pacific Ocean.
Thank you, also, for your own rapturous lines on your website. Many of them truly resonate
with my own experiences. For aren't we all, within our highest selves, just the solar logos
experiencing mirror images in every diamond facet of all beings everywhere?
As for the alignment event in 2012, I along with you and others hope and pray this
is a transfiguration of our solar system, or at least a movement upward from the
darkness of our previous age. The galaxy creator I evoke with the name "Aditi," the mother
of the gods in Hindu myth amongst other aspects. Here are some quotes about Her:

aditaye anagasah
blameless before the Infinite Mother. [ cf. RV I.24. 1 5; 5.82.6 ]

the indivisible conscious-force and ananda of the Supreme;
the Mother; the infinite Mother of the gods; supreme Nature or infinite Consciousness.

Aditi devatamayi
Aditi full of the gods. [ cf. Katha 2.1.7 ]

Adityah (Adityas)
Solar gods, children of Infinity (sons of Aditi ). [ Ved. ]
Adityasah [vocative], O Sons of the infinite Mother. [ RV 7.52.1 ]

Aditi, the Mother of the Adityas, is often if not always described as the mother of the gods (deva-mata).
She is not only the mother of the gods; she is at times described as the Mother of the universe.

I figure that 'universe' and 'galaxy' can be considered synonymous for the Aryan night sky gazers.
On familiar terms, I like to refer to Her as Great to the Tenth Power Grandma Hattie, referring
to the 'power of ten levels' existing between Her reality and ours. I can't substantiate this, but
take a certain poetic license. But one thing I do know: that it is SHE who manifests first from
the Unmanifest in our wider sector, and we of course could discuss just who Great to the
Eleventh Power Grandma is, although this is getting pretty remote. But it is interesting that
Chaitanya, the great founder of Advaita Vedanta, spent his final years composing poems
of adoration to the Divine Mother. After all, once one has achieved absolute union with
THAT, what's left to do but split oneself in two once more to adore THAT amazing soft
angelic beingness in another form?

I have a rather long file of sun lore, which I attach here. Also, I very highly recommend
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov's "The Splendour of Tipharet" and "Toward A Solar Civilization."
Omraam is no longer planetside but has a devoted following who have transcribed and
published almost every word he ever spoke (which I don't think he would appreciate!).
Cosidering how many books there are by Omraam, a great deal is of of less interest,
but at his best he is just absolutely marvelous - and he's definitely pointing to the Truth!
The "Splendour" book I feel is one I could have written myself, it is so close to what I
experience. Omraam's books are available from: and also from
Also, there are the Lucis Trust books on the Solar Initiations, something I keep telling myself
I'll read more carefully some day. Again, though, there are just too many of them!
In the words of the prophet in Ecclesiastes (although I'm not a great enthusiast of 'book
religions'): "Of the making of books there is no end, and much study is a weariness of the
flesh." i.e. better just go out and gambol in the meadows!
I'm turning 70 this October, and very shortly, after my successor takes over my job,
and we get back from a niece's wedding in the southland, and-and-and - - a necessary
trip to the East Coast to see grandchildren the first week of October -- anyway, by
mid-October I should be able to count on some uninterrupted weeks of creative time
that I'm truly anticipating with great excitement!
Where are you, chronologically and geographically speaking, by the way? That
uninhabited beach you spoke of sounded intriguing!