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Sun May 12 2006
A.O. wrote:
Hi Ray
i just wanted to know if you can help me out
i am looking for information on "how our bare feet pulls nutrients from the soil?"
not energetically
what I mean is "what nutrients ..... vitamins? mineral? vitamin C?. and how does this pulling effect
I do believe it can be true, but what I would like to write about here is the science behind the theory.

if you have any (or know where I can get) information on the subject, please let me know, thanks

Hallo, A,O,!
How dear of you to imagine that I'm smart enough to have such esoteric info!
Someone wrote somewhere that the cells on the soles of our feet are extra-
large, if that means anything. I wouldn't know where to point you, friend,
although the project does sound intriguing. Taste buds on our toes?
I'm also interested in an unusual topic that I can't find any info on
anywhere on line. How does light get transformed into ecstatic feelings
via the eyes? I know when I sungaze that my heartbeat quickens, and
then these amazing feelings start radiating from below my navel and
also the heart chakra. But how does this get triggered? Via the pineal
gland maybe? I frequently refer to light as 'vertical love' and love as
'horizontal light,' with the heart chakra the 'transformer' -- see
but the actual neurophysiology of this is hard to track down. The most
info comes from Gurdjieff's explanation about the 'kundabuffer' organ
in his 'All and Everything' book, but in his usual manner he obscures
a lot of information. I think I may have to read a lot of the commentaries
on G and try to see what's there.
The other approach is to search the psychedelic literature to see if
anything has ever tried to figure out why 'getting high' puts one into
a light-bliss state. I think our upbringing closes down this 'transformation,'
and also that evolution selected for the filter for survival reasons - i.e.
once the climate changed to cold, humans could not just lounge about
the Garden tripping out and living on the fruits that dropped in their
laps. They had to hunt for food and warm furs and firewood. The ones
who just lounged around just went extinct, except of course for the
tribal schizo who couldn't help being different, so he/she became the
shaman who would trip out and report back to the others. This began
the priesthoods!
I've been in contact with various SAD researchers, etc., but no one
really has any info, which is sort of strange, really.
Good luck on your research! And wish me some as well!
Beams and blessiings,