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Sun May 5 2005

Dear Dr. Jacob Liberman (author of "Light, Medicine of the Future" amongst other books)
I hope the intervening years since our last correspondence have been
successful ones for you - I spotted one interview with your son, who looks
like a very dear young man (I have three sons myself, ranging from 33 - 45
in age - and am always very grateful for their planetary presences).
I still remain very interested in what I'm now calling the light-to-love
transformative process, in which 'vertical' light enters the body and,
via the heart chakra, is transformed into 'horizontal' love.
I hope to write an article in which I also look at Mr. Gurdjieff's
"Kundabuffer" story as a sort of metaphor for the closing down of
the light/bliss conversation factor as a survival necessity when
historically humans were faced with the necessity of dealing with some
sort of serious climate change (mini ice age? vocanic eruption caused
a weather change?) that, mythically speaking, ejected us out of the
"Garden of Eden" where we could just live sybaritic lives of ease and
pleasure -- and light-triggered dionysian ecstasy.
Anyway, I can't be the first person to ponder why the light to
bliss conversion improves under certain conditions, and also why
it shuts down under others. I'm hoping you might be able to point me
to any studies about how the body processes light in the manner
I'm describing. Recently, as you no doubt are aware, there have
been discoveries made regarding how our cells communicate via their
microtubules firing photons, so obviously there's an 'inner use'
of light as well as that which reaches us from outside. When we
learn how to merge the 'inner' and 'outer' lights, I think we may
trigger an evolutionary change in humanity.
Since I wrote to you last, there's been quite a spurt of interest
in sungazing, mainly because of a gentleman from Kerala, Hira
Manek, who has developed a procedure that allows people to
gradually acclimate to viewing the sun (one hour after sunrise,
one hour before sunset) via ten-second increments. He also
recommends doing this barefoot. Anyway, there's a new Yahoo
list where various aspects are discussed (your book was mentioned
and also there's a website with sungazing forums at:
There are at least a half-dozen other web pages devoting
themselves to various aspects of this topic, but these two are
my current favorites. I also have been collecting various tidbits
on my website at:
Any suggestions or advice gratefully received! I'm also pondering
ordering your eye-exercise device. Currently I'm trying out
Chuck Davis's pROSHI, which is supposed to entrain one's brain
to the EEG output of a Zen master. After 30 or so hours, I think
I can detect a better connectedness between my two cerebral
hemispheres. However my darling wife might have a different viewpoint...

Wishing you the fruition of all your best dreams,



Sun May 2 2005

The Light of Love
by Sanat Kumara

Light loves you. It finds you irresistible. It loves to be with you. Light
has consciousness and purpose. It comes to find you and to tell you that you
are loved. Light is drawn to you because you are beautiful. Your beauty is
visible right across the Universe. Your light is visible right across the

Your heart opens to the light. It welcomes it in. Around the beautiful light
at the centre of your heart are arrayed a series of petals, traditionally
described as four layers of three petals. Imagine these now. Let the image
or feeling change to suit you. At the base of each petal is a point of
light. These twelve points of light arrayed around your heart centre are
especially receptive to light. They draw it in like a thirsty person
drinking water.

These light receptors are turning on at this time. Collectively humanity has
reached a level of self-love that has allowed you to awaken these points of
light. During the months that follow it will become easier to allow more
light into your lives, and one of the primary doorways for this light to
come in is through these light receptors at the base of the petals of the
flower of the heart.

Light enjoys your company because you are light yourself. Light is the
principle form God's love takes in this Universe; from it all other forms
are derived. Your own form - your physical body and your subtle energy
bodies are made of light. Because you have learned to love who you are, the
petals of the heart centre have opened to reveal the beautiful light
receptors at their base. God's love is coming more and more fully into your

Take a few moments now to observe your breath. Imagine that with each
inbreath you are also drawing in light. Let this light come to your heart.
Let the light receptors draw the light in. Your heart loves the light. L
your breath come to its moment of stillness.

In that lull between inbreath and outbreath something special happens. The
light you have drawn in radiates outwards to create a universe for you in
that moment. A world of light comes into being as a response to the love
that you are. The light makes itself beautiful for you. It shows you your
beauty in outward form.

As you breath out you give to the world that beauty, a contribution to the
beauty that already exists, and the world is transformed. As you witness
the beauty of the world, so your heart opens to receive more light.

In every cycle of the day this process is evident. When the Sun rises it
ushers in a new cycle like a new breath. On your first sight of the Sun
each day you can initiate the receiving of the day's gifts for your heart.
For it is from the Sun above all that this light comes. The Sun is nurturing
not just your physical form, but your body of light too. Your soul is in
constant communion with the Sun seeking its advice and guidance on which
forms of light to draw from the Sun's treasuries for your fulfilment.

The treasuries of the Sun are cared for by the Solar Angels. They are like
gardens of living light, where new forms are developed, not fixed, but
flowing, responsive, joyful and alive - expressions of God's love given to
the Sun and given form in gratitude by the Sun, just as your heart is giving
form to the light it radiates outwards.

The Solar Angels garden the light. The angels fill your soul's arms with
bunches of flowers for you. And these flowers of light are conscious. As
you breath in their perfume, drink in their colours and shapes, you receive
their gifts and, like an artist, create something new out of your response.
You have been given a task, to explain the Sun to the Earth and the Earth to
the Sun. You do it by taking the light of the Sun into a body of the Earth.
Your light, your body. Your life is a dialogue between these two

The Earth and the Sun speak to one another directly, but they love their
love to meet in you. You are an expression of the love they have for one
another. Your willingness to receive the light of the Sun shows the Earth
how deeply it is loved. When the Earth was created it came out of the Sun
so that the Sun might have something to love. Now you are learning the
purpose of love through your growing heart centre, drawing in light rich
with the Sun's experience of love, so that as it passes through you learn
that purpose, which is to grow in life. Your heart is now your greatest

When you begin to love yourself truly, you create a bridge between the Sun
and the Earth. Across that bridge comes the stored wisdom of the Sun. It
passes into your own core of light, the vivid crystalline column of light
that exists at the centre of your being. Within this core is stored your own
wisdom; the light of the Sun simply releases to you what is already yours.
In subsequent articles we will explore the processes by which this inner
wisdom is becoming more and more available to you.

Imagine yourself now as the Sun, a magnificent and radiant presence of
light, for so you are. Let your heart be the heart of the Sun, and feel how
new light is endlessly birthed from the heart of your heart. This is where
you receive love from the Source of All, from God. In your own heart
centre, at the centre of the flower is a pure light sometimes called the
sacred flame. At its base is a point from which this light emerges. To this
point too comes love from the Source of All. Imagining yourself as the Sun
can help you to awaken this point further.

So in the flower of the heart is a central point receiving divine love from
the Source of All and around it an array of points, the light receptors,
which are gathering the light which the Sun sends you and generating a
universe of light for you. The love you receive in the heart of the flower
creates the light that you are, and the light that you are draws the light
of the Sun to you.

Now you are coming into a time of grace, when you have released enough of
the old emotions of guilt and shame and fear, that have acted as veils
masking your light from yourself. In this time of grace divine love flows
through you unhindered. Using the light gifted to you by the Sun and the
physical world gifted to you by the Earth the divine love flowing through
you generates a world of light and love sometimes called Heaven on Earth.

You are the creators of Heaven on Earth. It is the outward manifestation of
your core of light, liberated by your heart above all. How beautiful your
heart is; how beautiful it has become through the strenuous journey you have
all made to be here now. Forgive yourself totally for all that is past.
Let it go. Nothing in the past need affect you now. The light your heart
is drawing in through the receptor points is teaching you that the world is
made anew in every moment.

Open your heart now to the light of the Sun and the love of the Source of
All. Feel at the heart of your heart the endless welling up of love,
ceaselessly renewing itself. Let the petals of the flower relax and open.
Breath in the light that loves you and give it to the world. Let it take on
the forms your love generates as you come together to create Heaven on