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Google Rodney Collins and also 'Solar Logos'

> Is there such a celestial heirarchy?
Read Rodney Collins' "Theory of Celestial Influence" that I mentioned in a previous posting. Chapters Three, Four and Five, are on line under the subtitle "A convincing description the Solar System as a living being". Collins is very sound, and derives from the Ouspensky-Gurdjieff schools:
>Will you please point me in the direction of more information on the Solar Logos? I am familiar with the Ra material and the writings of Alice A. Bailey, are there any other sources ...
As for the Solar Logos, as you know Alice Bailey uses the term constantly. A Google on it brings up a large number of Bailey pages that for some reason won't open for me. But this other one is interesting:
"Solar Logos" also brings up an interesting article on the solar symbolism found in crop circle designs, and brings up the question as to whether cross-dimensional beings are communicating with us via these remarkable diagrams. Do page down to the Avebury Trusloe Crop Circle Formation - Wiltshire, UK, and the following one: Woodborough Hill Crop Circle Formation Wiltshire, UK
Google also brings up what I consider a large number of ego-driven institutions of off-the-track folks, so do take some of these 'solar logos' sites with a pinch of sanity. Whenever I read of 'spiritual hierarchies' and 'necessary initiations' to access 'the secret teachings' that are not for the rank-and-file, I become very irritated by all this 'ranking' and 'holier than who' and patriarchal secrecy nonsense. This is all very worn out, in my opinion. Also my nose wrinkles when I smell rank pseudo-sanctity or read of 'the spiritual sun behind the sun' or "the central sun" and "channelings' from the realms of higher dimensional agencies. All I see again is the all-too-human desire to abstract and complicate the truth away from what literally 'stares us all in the face,' and instead weave various tall tales and intricate mythologies.
I have the same trouble with Alice Bailey's books, frankly, although I think they are more serious than many others of their ilk and one can learn something from them through pick and choose. Basically my problem is this: "I want to see some definite signs of substantive progress towards union with the our sun AS THE SO-CALLED PHYSICAL SUN in anyone professing to be achieving these higher states. Our dear teacher Sri HRM indeed offers us many proven signs of his progress as well as an easy-to-follow regime without any mumbo-jumbo. For this reason Sri HRM has my complete respect and acknowledgment as an evolved solar being.
Otherwise I tend to view all the 'beyond the physical sun' and the 'logos of the galaxy' as just so much poppycock. We are tiny tiny cells within our Solar Body, and to achieve even some sort of solar imprinting of THAT is an enormous evolutionary leap. To pretend to be able to do an end run around this necessary awareness towards something stationed thousands if not millions of light years away (when people begin to talk about the higher logos in Sirius, etc.) I just become very impatient, and start emitting loud "HARRUMPHS!"
In the words of Ecclesiastes XII in the Old Testament, "Of the making of books there is no end, and much study is a weariness of the flesh."
Better just to access directly the nearby Source, in my opinion, although a peek around the Internet is always educational (smile) at least to discover the amazing folly of or co-inhabitants.

Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 10:26:11 -0800
D wrote:

>For multiple reasons , it is relatively difficult for me to get to >sungaze at the sunrise and sundown, so I have to settle for the midday >sun that is pretty strong here in California.

Over the years I have tried various sunlight attenuating devices. In the mid-sixties I had the privilege of living next to a redwood grove where I could use the branches to allow me lengthy meditations in the semi-shade. Only problem was that, as the earth turned, I'd find myself either to too much shade or else in too little.

I then tried various filters attached to glasses frames, such as pinhole glasses various colored gels. None of these ever were as satisfying as pure sunlight, so then I began to design a curved shell similar to a large eyelid with a moveable roof so that the slit (that would track the ecliptic) could be set at a particular width. This still remains on paper, although recently I cleared an area in the back of my garden that receives the best sunlight all year round for a place to create a 'solarium.'

I also have tried those mirror 'gazing spheres' people used to place in their gardens. These are excellent because no matter where the sun is in the sky you will receive a partial reflection, the strength depending on the size of the sphere. But again this brings up the question of which rays are being filtered, etc. etc. I suppose that one could have one surfaced with some sort of substance that would provide the widest reflective spectrum?

Of course, then, I thought, thought I, "Why, you dummy, the Creator in Her wisdom provided you with eyelids! Why don't you just lower them a little until you achieve the amount of light you can easily tolerate?" So that's where I've ended up for the time being. Eyelids are where it's at.

I would be interested to know if anyone else experiences an almost-immediate change of their heartbeat while sungazing, by the way.

Thanks for all your interesting input. (You can stop humming now)

>First, since the sun is like a god, one should remember the old >tradition that the "mortals " cannot see the god in his full regalia >because they will die. Second, from my experience, I cannot stare at the >sun with the idea to be friendly, but I can stare at the sun if I can >imagine and concentrate that my power in the eyes receives his rays and >"shoves"(!) them back to him.

In my experience, our Creator/Source wants friends and not worshippers, although the latter is my normal tendency because of the splendor and glory of the solar disc. But I find when I sungaze that an enormous love arises in my heart chakra spontaneously and all mental thought ceases... Mitra, one of the thousands of names for the Sun, translates as 'friend.' It's one of my favorites. And as a little child once told me, "The sun is my friend because he's always looking over my shoulder!"

Facing the sun, it is an 'I-THOU' Bhakti relationship. Facing away from the sun, I try to BECOME the Solar Being in an advaita "Thou Art THAT" experience. "No one is looking," I remind myself. "So why not just PRETEND to be one with the sun?" No false modesties allowed! As Stewart Brand (founder of the Whole Earth Catalog) once wrote, "We are as gods, so we might as well get good at it." I only would change his words slightly to, "We are Sun Children incarnating in the Garden of Terra, so we might as well get as good at cherishing Her as the Sun."