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Sun Letters for December
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>December 10, 2003
>PF wrote: Ramon, I am not sure I understand what you mean about your
>natural voice "echoing" to the ends of your hands and feet. Do you mean you feel
>them vibrate or feel
>awakened? Do you actually see Light in the middle of your
>head? When HRM says you should see an after-image for 5-6 min. I wonder if he
>means an orb of the sun or the changing shapes and colors I see. And after nearly
>14 min. gazing, I see only broad stretches of yellow-green , no orb at all!
>P.S. I like that term "The Rainbow Body" but I would like to have something
>that fits that description to wear on earth. I was imagining a garment like that,
>in the Mother's 12 colors, . . . It hadn't occurred to me to have a body like that!
Wow! Ramon, you have set me off again!
> My question is can you feel it when the chakras and cells become activated?
>What does it feel like?

Ramon: First one must fill the body with chi or prana or orgone energy, depending on what name you use for this. Once all the blockages have dissolved and I test this by seeing if my normal speaking voice echoes all the way out to my fingers and toes then when one sungazes, the Solar Light should pour into every part of the physical form. Beyond this, there are many more subtle levels of stillness as one moves the State of Presence in the center of the head into what Master Aziz calls the Absolute. His website is back up at:

Ultimately we are talking about the transfiguration of the physical into what the Tibetans and others call "the Rainbow Body." I think the Tibetans have progressed further along this particular path than anyone I have read about. Frequently their lamas drop the body and it remains intact for a long time. Sometimes it gradually shrinks even before death into something the size of a flat platter. Strange.
>How can I "get myself out of the way" to let the inner and outer lights merge as you suggest?

A very deep stillness has to be achieved. One exercise that you already practice can help. On the inhale, bring that lower apana energy up into the that empty still place in the center of the head; gradually the light that fills it will begin to glow brighter and brighter. Even as you surrender the exhale back into the lower belly and then, with an application of will (and also, I suggest, a set of ever tighter squeezes of the mulabandha I can most days do five, start another inhale).

Roderick Marling's website is also helpful, in my opinion. I disagree with his specific set of hatha yoga warm-ups (I would substitute the Surayanamaskar myself). Start at
But you must be SURROUNDED in Pondicherry by all sorts of advanced beings. Yes? I'm merely feeling my way on my own, basically, with some help from Master Aziz and David Spero in Palm Springs who transmits his energies from his position in sahaja samadhi.
I gotta get to the office! Beams and Blessings,


On 12/8/03 9:18 PM, "PF wrote:
>Wow, Ramon, you have given me another great Vision, connecting
>Jacob's Ladder with Sri Aurobindo's ascending stair of planes of
>consciousness. Wonderful! I had never thought of that before! Thank you!
>Your Word about a Golden Beam between the Crown Chakra and the
>Sun fits in with the vison I had at the end of the Ashram Meditation today
>near the Samadhi. I saw myself ascending to the Sun on a Beam of Light
>with every in-breath and coming back to earth with every exhalation -- a
>quick trip to God! I saw myself inside the Sun also, with only my head,
>the rest had dissolved into the Golden Cauldron of Dynamic Force. Wow,
>what a Day! It's all Divine Love here, from the immaculate flower
>arrangement on the Samadhi of jasmine, pink rose petals, various colors of
>gladiolus and marigolds to the Glorious Sun at the beach. I was feeling
>like it was working on the base of my brain.
>In 2 days I plan to reach 14 min.
>May all be blessed by Pondicherry today. May all feel the Glory! >Ramon Sender > wrote:
I believe our highest self is actually ?present? within the Solar Logos, as if there is a golden beam constantly connecting us through the crown chakra to the sun. Of course there are many levels between our crown chakra and the S. L., and these various ?stairs? on Jacob?s ladder can be experienced -- and investigated as the various levels that Sri A. described so thoroughly ? or else one can just go all the way to blissful immersion, with or without the visual presence. I prefer the blissful immersion, but do adore the daily reminders of the solar presence.


On 12/8/03 3:22 AM, "PF" wrote:
>Thanks for your post, Ramon. Your expressions really touched me. Yes, I
>have a personal relation with the Sun yet I have to continually build and
>strengthen it daily because it gets tarrnished by the affairs of ordinary earth life.
>I hadn't thought of my relation with the "Solar Logos" (I like that term, it proves
>the Sun is the Eternal Word, or Veda!) as being like that of Mother with Her
>cells. That is indeed a profound perception , but yes, we are the cells of the
>Divine's cosmic and earthly body! Everybody should develop their own relation
>with the Sun, then we may have a New Body on earth!
>Sri Aurobindo said the Sun is the "Symbol of the Supermind". I take that to
>mean a "type, or abridgement" of the "calm and luminous Vastness that is
>spread everywhere" twhich he said the Supermind is, in other words, the
>Indiviual Form of the Universal Plane of the Supermind. That is why I f eel the
>Sun constains the Spirit of Mother and Sri Aurobindo, as well as Jesus.

Ramon wrote:
I meant to reply to your posting regarding ?mood? on sungazers. The thought that occurred to me was that you are obviously establishing a personal relationship with the Solar Logos, and that is the way it should be. The sun is a conscious being and, as such can be conversed with. Actually He/She is our highest selves, in a manner of speaking. Where on the ascending ladder of Spirit it actually resides, I can?t say, but I always think that we are all ?cells? in the solar body. So if you listen to your cells, the way Sweet Mother learned, then you are doing the same thing the Sun does with us, so to speak!
As above, so whatnot...!!