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Message: 17
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 20:30:13 -0800

Subject: A group of leaderless leaders

This current discussion is important because it points out the all-too-
human tendency to, as someone mentioned, put somebody up on a pedestal so
that others can surrender thinking independently and just FOLLOW like
sheep! Baaa! We need to become a group of 'leaderless leaders.'

I believe that results from sungazing will vary enormously depending on
the person and their particular evolutionary 'state.' We like to
believe that we are all created equal, and we all are in our potential
to evolve spiritually. But how FAR we have evolved is a very personal
matter, and I think a lot of the results we receive from sungazing must
depend on what sort of relationship we have established, with ourselves,
with others, and of course with the SUN also!

If we are still caught in the Kali Yuga paradigm (most are in the US),
living on the most materialistic and self-centered levels, then we
will find the sun an affliction - and perhaps it WILL afflict us in
the way that modern-day scientists warn us. I think of what a little
8-yr-old girl told me once: "The sun won't hurt you if you don't
lie." That's a very profound observation that can be understood on
many levels.

However if we raise ourselves out of the Kali Yuga paradigm through
our own dedication, and open ourselves to descending Grace -- if we
accept the Golden Rule and all it implies, we may be able to learn to live
on sunlight. We may be able to imprint the sun -- and merge the outer
and inner lights. I believe this is more than just the mechanical
process of going out and sungazing. We must dedicate ourselves in
our own unique manner to reflecting in our own lives the warmth
and love and light we receive. This is where the books of Omraam
Michael Aivanov can be very helpful.

I personally believe this involves approaching the sun as a
conscious, extremely evolved Creator Being who can and will
communicate with us on a one-to-one level if we open ourselves.

This also may involve a formal promise to the sun to live by a list of
precepts perhaps similar to the ones that the Buddha drew up, or for that
matter even taking the Ten Commandments to heart. The latter we know, but I
list the Precepts here for those unfamiliar with them:
l. I take up the way of not killing.
2. of not stealing.
3. of not misusing sex.
4. of not speaking falsely.
5. of not using drink or drugs.
6. of not discussing faults of others.
7. of not praising myself while abusing others.
8. of not sparing the Dharma assets -- i.e. spreading peace and harmony to
9. of not indulging in anger.
l0. of not slandering the Three Treasures.

What are the Three Treasures for Buddhists? I quote, suggesting certain
substitute words in [brackets] to suit our group of leaderless leaders:
The Three Treasures are the Buddha [Solar Being], the Dharma [the Method],
and the Sangha [our fellowship]. Slandering such Treasures is belittling
them, and the grossest kind of belittling is conceptual analysis that
reduces and quantifies - obscuring the unknown and unknowable source...
and the precious nature and aspiration of each individual person, animal or
[End paraphrase]

Personally, it's hard for me to believe that anyone who follows Hira Manek's
Method strictly, gazing only within the sunrise and sunset 'windows' and in
ten-second increments -- while also keeping a close look-out for any
discomforts that might signal "Slow Down!" -- could do any damage
to their eyes. However that is just my personal opinion, and I could
be wrong. I know of at least two people who have damaged their eyes,
in one case she claims permanently (in the other, I have not heard
final results), but in both cases they each in their own way did not
follow their own body's messages and/or abused the method seriously.

If you want more input on my own path, you can read:
and the more recent

May we all merge with the Source while still in our bodies, and shine for
the benefit of all beings!