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Sunletters October 10 2006

W wrote:
>>>That which created the stars is That which also created all the
>>>spirits in existence. The Sun is not the source of spirits.
R wrote:
>>Disagree. Our sun is spirit as well as matter - and to all purposes
>>can be viewed as God the Mother Sustainer of Allofus, the earth life

I don't know why you disagree with what I said.
I believe that the sun is the source of our spirits. Soul equals Sol.
The Buddha-Christ spirit is an almost pure solar incarnation.
Anything else that places any part of us 'beyond' the sun is just
anthropocentric fluff.

> The Sun is not "God". It is a star.
The Sun is God appearing in our neighborhood. I don't believe in an
'invisible' deity.

>There are an estimated 100 *billion* stars in this galaxy alone. Each one
> is powerful, but they are certainly not God in and of themselves. I do agree
> that the Sun is a sustainer and nurturer of life on this planet and possibly others.
I believe that on the scale of beingness, the Sun is God for us earth
beings. Along with all creatures, I live happily in His/Her light daily!

R wrote:
>> I admire Monroe's work a lot, but I think he never traveled beyond
>> the solar system. We humans tend to think when we expand our
>> consciousness we travel beyond the solar system, but I don't believe
>> this is correct.

>Actually, he did. Astral travels are not limited to the confines of
> the Earth plane, or this solar system alone.
I think as a species we tend to have overactive imaginations that are always
looking over 'the next hill'. Frankly, until we as a species recognize the
Sun at the very least as the Conscious and Divine Maintainer (Vishnu) of our
planetary existence, all else is just imaginings beyond our experiential
'here and now'.

R wrote:
>> Show me one human who has achieved solar consciousness and then we
>> can talk about further travels.
> I would ask you to do the same.
For starters, I would investigate sun yogis who have developed what the
Tibetans call 'the rainbow body' and a VERY SUNNY DISPOSITION! (smile)

>As I understand it,
> there are multiple universes, dimensions, etc., and much of it is
> beyond present human comprehension.
R: "Beyond present human comprehension" says it for me. Until we understand our
proper relationship to our solar parent, we can't comprehend beyond it

I think to understand our place in the scale of things it helps to put away
all our telescopes and toys, and just look at what our unamplified senses
tell us. It's not rocket science -- literally! Reality I believe was
constructed so as to be easily understood by our 'naked' perceptions. The
Greeks did quite well without all our contraptions in terms of understanding
various important issues such as the heliocentric aspects of the map of our
solar system.

I think we're pretty close on most of these issues, W. You're just holding
out for a larger place in the cosmos than I believe we humans currently

Beams and Blessings.