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Sun October 16, 2004

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Date: 16 Oct 2004 07:48:33 -0000
Subject: [sungazing] Digest Number 467

Subject: light reflections

Hello, sun-beings:
Just a quick report on another approach to sun-gazing.
During our trip to NYC I found an three-inch-diameter obsidian
sphere for $60. Actually I'd seen one advertised on e-bay for
about that amount, but thought that the sphere might be too
small. Well, it's not. It is actually a very blissful exercise
to place it in the sunlight and focus on the reflected star it
projects. I get an almost immediate 'result' that I can only
describe as a warm feeling throughout the chest and extremeties.
There was some postings here some time ago by seekverta about
using obsidian, and about polarized/reflected sunlight. If
you go directly to the list's website, please review
messages 5797, 5856, 5866, 5600, 6026. 6043 -- and seekverta's
very informative 5561 - with some warnings also that should
be heeded.
However, for those of you having difficulties because of the season or
your position (high up in an apartment building) you might consider
this option. I don't know what it is about obsidian, but it does
seem to have a special reflective quality. I'm comparing it to
a 4.75 inch diameter crystal sphere that I have used in the past, but
frankly the quality of the reflection is finer - more diamond-like -
in the obsidian. Although the reflection is somewhat smaller, it
is still preferable.
I might some time try to find a polished flat piece to compare
to the sphere also. They are much cheaper. Also, I'm now interested
in comparing other reflective surfaces such as semi-precious stones
and precious metals. A nice large diamond might be interesting (smile).
Anyone have one lying around?
(Actually, I'm now getting an brilliant 'bounce' from the bottom
portion of the crystal sphere to a mirror and then to me. This
is going to be an interesting study!


Sun October 15 2004

U wrote:

I came across someone I am very impressed with - Max Prantl,
painter, poet and mystic, someone I don't think I had ever heard of before.
I read a book by him, originally published in 1949 and called 'Der Mensch
ohne Angst. Licht aus der Herzmitte' ('Man without fear. Light from the
centre of the heart').

This Austrian mystic advises just one single practice, which, of course,
should be repeated as often as possible. According to him, it provides the
"key to the doorway into the Eternal Sun":

'Let your physical heart, in a vivid visualization, flare up into a radiant
ball of light as the sun and tell yourself: 'My divine heritage flares up
within me as bliss, freedom, light and love. God wishes it so, as do I wish
it so. I am one with the Will of God. I allow my whole body to be filled
with this light, I even allow it to radiate beyond me, until my body and
all around me fills with brilliant light, as if from the sun.'

This mystic sunrise, which is experienced as a vivid visualization only
within the physical body, is an immediately effective, visible reality
within the astral body. With the fire of your divine will (it's enough to
vividly think: I *will* to be light and free), you are really and literally
burning all the darkness and distortions within your consciousness.'

According to Prantl, we are becoming (or have the choice to do so) Eternal
Suns (and I find it fascinating that on one of my Orin tapes (Orin is
probably my favourite channelled entity

Orin says the same thing, i.e.
that our final destination is to become a sun).

In his book, Prantl describes an abundance of inner experiences with the
light and the dark forces and outlines, among other things, his view (based
upon personal experience) of the various soul and consciousness levels and
the genesis and progression of the human spirit through many stages, as
well as its final destination. He deals in great detail with the mindset
and genesis of negative beings as he personally experienced them in
numerous encounters. I find truly profound what I read and the beauty is,
it tallies well with other books I have based my "explorations" upon. The
book covers among other things "Christ, Buddha, Unio mystica, the meaning
of suffering, cognition of God, angels and archangels, The Three Paths
(among which the soul is able to choose at the outset), the Inner Name,
Paradox, Personality and the three goals of development" etc.

You'll find a short introduction to Max Prantl and his work at

All his works can be downloaded in German
(some of them translated into Dutch; other sites may offer more Dutch
translations). The menu point "Light from the primordial light" and others
contain some translated English excerpts from Licht aus der Herzmitte
[which, btw, occasionally are rather haphazard and taken out of context,
while the book goes into detail over the points alluded to in these

Prantl (as hinted at in the English excerpts) discovers in the course of
his work (he seems to have been busy day and night confronting dark forces
on the inner planes) that he used to be Michael (archangel) and had made
the commitment to do this kind of work to help humanity. We all, according
to Prantl's insights, arise from an original existence as angels (and
archangels? I'll have to reread it more closely), with three main
evolutionary paths offered to us to choose from.

Contrary to the above, he doesn't sound like a megalomaniac or appear
deluded etc., - in fact the book is written as a conversation between
himself and (often very critical and outspoken) friends who accuse him of
just that in their exchanges with him. He heartily welcomes this, as well
as other criticisms they offer and replies with explanations which defuse
any such notions.

The book isn't always an easy read, the concepts introduced tend to be
(highly) complex and to require careful consideration. Prantl repeatedly
states the insufficiency and inability of words to convey higher truths,
maintaining that only allegories and parables will often be able to give an
idea of these truths.

If you'd like to see a "more angelic" picture of him, please go to the
German section of the above site it appears in the
"biography" which hasn't been translated into English yet.