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"Eat The Sun For A Light Breakfast!"

Go outside or to a sunny window in the A.M.,
face the sun, open your mouth and 'swallow the sun' with
an 'Eartha Kitt 'panther snarl' on the inhale.

-- "AHHHOOM!" --

(vibrating the nasal septum SNARRRRLLLL!)
At the same time reach out to gather in the sun, spreading your fingers like claws.
Swallow the sun. Continuing to hold your breath, try to swallow a bunch more times
until you are 'all full' -- or the attempt to swallow sticks in your throat and makes you laugh.
Lick your lips all the way around.
Say 'Meeeeyowwwwrrr' to your Beloved in your heart
Do it until you're no longer hungry!
Feel fat and sassy? Need a toothpick?
End with a satisfied leonine -ROARRRRRR!!!!
( if you have understanding neighbors.)
Or just relax and breathe into some light purring.

(inhale) a light snore deep in the throat as possible.
(exhale) gargle a French "r" from as close to the same throat position as possible.

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Also, a similar exercise from someone else:

"Swallowing the Sun and the Moon," by Isis Ward

Go outside at mid-day and stand facing the sun, bathing in its light as you
send your roots down through your feet into the earth. Stretch your arms up,
palms towards the sun and feel your body becoming a conduit between the sun
and the center of the earth. Use your breath to draw the sun into every cell
of your body. When you feel flooded with the sun's light, imagine you are
gathering the sun into your hands, bring it towards your mouth as you inhale
and swallow as you press the sun into your mouth. Do this three times, each
time visualizing the sun feeding your dan tien or the flame that dwells
behind your navel, for men and your womb, for women. Allow your hands to
rest by your sides, imagining that the increased light and heat you have
built strengthens your will and your courage, expanding your energetic