The Horned Rabbit
Ramón Sender Barayón
May, 2003

         HYMN IV HER

"To seek enlightenment by separating from this world
   Is as absurd as to search for a rabbit's horn."
                                 Hui Neng, The Last Zen Patriarch
                                 The Platform Sutra

               Hymn IV Her
         Finding The Rabbit's Horn
           Is Your Uvula The Mythic Jackalope?

O Ma, first-manifest from the Unborn,
Your thirsting children, lost in forgetfulness,
Roam desert caverns of the mirror worlds
In search of dimly remembered infant bliss
Obscured 'neath moldering piles of sacred texts.
Nuzzling your flank, they cannot find the source,
Or recognize your sacred musky scent.
Great Isis ("Eesees"), Mother, Ray Cow, Vak!

O Aditi, Kosmos-creator, guide them
With your radiance to your effervescent
Breast's love-nectar, bursting empty hearts.
With infinite compassion, you have placed
Your nipple permanently behind each tongue,
But no one seizes it except in dreams --
The rabbit's horn that Patriarch Wean-ing scorns
Exists! Nurse on your uvula, oh waifs!
--  Awake!

Notes: More than you want to know about horned rabbits
 can be seen at

It seems that the "horned rabbit" of antiquity and today is created
when a rabbit is infected with the papilloma virus.


The poem includes the correct pronunciation of Isis ("Eesees") because
of its importance. Please observe that "Eesees" automatically places
the mouth in a smile. Also observe that the Americanized/English
pronunciation of Yeshua ("Jesus/Geeziz") actually will evoke  the
presence of the Egyptian creator-goddess, who must be getting
slightly annoyed by this misappropriation of her seed syllable. That is
to say, all the Fundamentalist Christians are actually invoking Her
when they think they're invoking -- oh, never mind. Also the
12-steppers, with their phrase "Easy does it," invoke her quite appropriately.