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Ramana Maharshi favorite quotes

Spilling the Beans, Sept. 1, 2004
Newsletter on GM Foods, September issue Spilling the Beans
Another Reason for Schools to Ban Genetically Engineered Foods
By Jeffrey M. Smith, author of Seeds of Deception

The Natural Liberation Through Naked Vision
Identifying the Intelligence by Padmasambhava

"The Dangers of Pseudo-Advaita" by Aziz Kristof, now Anadi New Edit as of 2008

"Gone Beyond: an essay by David Spero"

"Love can not be given," from a talk with Wolter Keers in Gent
on January 18, 1978, published in the Dutch magazine Am1go

"Recovering the Dionysian Endogenous Yoga" by Stuart Sovatsky, Ph.D.

"Complete Map of Awakening" by Aziz Kristof, now known as 'Anadi' from his previous website
Master Anadi once again is online with his teachings

"The Return of Republican Memory in Spain" by Helen Graham, an article in The Abraham Lincoln Brigade's
The Volunteer,
an abridged version of the 2003 Len Crome Memorial
Lecture presented on March 8 at the Imperial War Museum in London,
under the auspices of the International Brigade Memorial Trust.

"Fasting Fakir Flummoxes Physicians"