Email May 27 2006
Hi Andee!
I keep up with your adventures, and hope that your move away from Mama
Ocean is okay for you -- trading one set of fun things for another set?
All goes well here - sort of in a bunch of busy things - wedding of a
goddess-daughter, graduations coming up.
I'm very happy with my Thwizzler invention - maybe I'll put one in the
mail to you, although perhaps I should wrap it in the middle of a bunch of
reading materials because by itself it might be considered too strange by
Customs or something (smile).
I put the 'Light to Delight' essay on a backburner. Well, more than that,
I put all the researched articles on a CD plus as far as I got and sent it
to Iona Miller, a far-out woman into neurobiology who I think probably already wrote the article I wanted to write.

I was way too far out of my field, and frankly there still are so many loose
ends tracking the manner in which the body absorbs -- and even transmits --
photons. I think ultimately they'll be tied up by the Consciousness
explorers, who will find that Awareness/consciousness is a biomagnetic-
photonic 'field' sparking between synapses. Or something like that.

Now I want to see if I can get a handle around what the differences are
between pleasure, joy, bliss, rapture, ecstasy, flow, etc. All these words
get bandied about but there's no agreed-upon general definitions that I know

I went to hear the French Tibetan Buddhist Matthieu Ricard at the Spirit
Rock Center in Marin - first time there - last Saturday. I'd just finished
reading his new book, "Happiness," which was sort of a disappointment
although I find Matthieu himself interesting, albeit well-indoctrinated
into the 'need for a disciplined approach' thing that frankly I don't have
enough time left for in this lifetime. Plus I really do think Big Mama
intended Access to Enlightenment should be Denied No One. Sort of like Lou
Gottlieb "Land Access To Which Should Be Denied No One," but taking it to a
different dimension. After all, if more people were 'enlightened,' they
would share what they owned out further.

Last time I did my 'settle at least some of the homeless on rural
Time-Out camps, rap' a woman came up to me afterwards and asked, "Did you ever
hear about 'Poor Farms?' I Googled the term, and found that 'Poor Farms'
were widespread in the USA up to the arrival of Social Security. Some farms
worked well, some were dismal. You had to be judged 'a pauper' to go to one,
but the ones that worked served as an extended family to the inhabitants and
also allowed them the pleasure of growing their own food, etc. With the
beginning of Social Security, the whole system withered away (local
taxpayers glad to pass on the burden to the Feds). Now there's nothing wrong
with Social Security except that it basically left people isolated and 'on
their own.' Again, nothing wrong with that except you then have to deal with
a great deal of loneliness, etc. There must be a way to combine the good
aspects of both.

Anyway, that's it from the sunny Bay Area! We're having a run of great
weather - finally!