Email January 12 2007

> gm2906 wrote:
> Subsequent to the realization of self-less, universal oneness,
> traveling beyond fear, following self extinction, unconsciousness
> becomes possible... consciously!!

Your words more or less sum up my experience. Truly a wonderful
gift this dissolving into ___________ (fill in the blank, or not,
as you prefer.) I identify it as what the Tibetan Buddhists name
the Dharmakaya,

"This being has three bodies. When it occupied the earth in the form of
Siddhartha Gautama, it took on the Body of Magical Transformation
(nirmanakaya ). This Body of Magical Transformation was an emanation of the
Body of Bliss (sambhogakaya ), which occupies the heavens in the form of a
ruling and governing god of the universe. The Body of Bliss is an emanation
of the Body of Essence (dharmakaya ), which is the principle underlying the
whole of the universe. This Body of Essence, the principle and rule of the
universe, became synonymous with Nirvana . It was a kind of universal soul,
and Nirvana became the transcendent joining with this universal soul."


Email January 6 2007

Hi I.M.:

I'm delighted to have your updates, and glad your friends enjoyed the video.
Tracheal resonance techniques get me up to my bliss tolerance limit easily,
so then it's merely a process of raising the ceiling, so to speak.

Your mention of Mantak Chia and also of The Monroe Institute puts
us on similar tracks. Chia's books have been very useful, although
his live lectures I found difficult to follow because of his accent.
Darkroom experience sounded very powerful, although I doubt I'll
travel to the Far East to do it. As for Hemi-Sync, I became very
attached to their 'Ocean Surf' CD, which I have used very often.

Anyway, I keep focusing on "enlightenment access to which is
denied no one" because it seems that unless we can goose the
majority on this planet to a higher plane ASAP, it's not going
to be an easy ride for our grandkids. So any helpful exercises
are always welcome.

Recently I've begun using facial tapping along the lines of the EFT
and see also
I don't follow the acupuncture meridians on the face, but tap around
the eyes where so much tension is stored and under and around the nostrils.
This makes breath awareness meditation much more satisfying. Originally
I created a toy to take me up to but not over what I named
The Shoo-Fly Reflex, that shudder and nose-tweak we do
when a fly tries to fly up a nostril. This came out of thinking
about the Buddha sitting under the bodhi tree all those days
and wondering, 'What about the flies? What about the mosquitoes?"
Ramakrishna had a little boy to brush the ants off him during
three-day samadhi's, but I doubt that the Tathagata did - or
the forest sadhus. And these were pre-mosquito-net days.
So I figured that he broke a twig off the bodhi tree, stuck
the stem in his mouth, and 'thwizzled' it up and down.
So with facial tapping to destress the face, and purring
to dissolve body armor, I'm in an okay place. Now I'm
concentrating on that 'plateau-ing out' I do once I reach
my bliss tolerance ceiling, building in little reminders to
just keep going instead of coasting.
By the way, the one Yahoo list I do read is Way-of-Light
moderated by Jackson Peterson, focusing mainly on Dzogchen
teachings. Jax just returned from Jerusalem where he made contact with
both a Sufi master and a Kabbalist (Rabbi Ginzberg). He's invited
both of them to answer questiond from list readers, so I
think it's going to get quite interesting. Jax and I got into a
scuffle over my mention of peyote and salvia a while back.
Gosh, he sounded like such a square! But then I learned later
that his daughter had OD'd on some hard stuff, and could under-
stand the pain that drove his attitude. So I rejoined the list,
and just don't get into it with him.
I'll also attach a recent overview posted by jax recently for new
Better end this before it turns into a scroll, but I'll
get back to you if more things occur after reading your new_9
and new_10.
So prolific!
Amazing how few selves are about in these here parts...
Or 'elves,' for that matter...

Email January 5 2007

PB wrote (in reply to my critiquing charging big bucks for 'enlightment'):
Dear Ramon,
When you give nothing, you get nothing.
What do you have to offer? Your whole life is too small a price to pay for learning how to fulfill your
purpose. The money you pay for spiritual training is the least expensive cost.
Now you've just received spiritual insight for free. Please pass it on.

Love to you,

Hi P:
Thanks for the free advice, but I seem to have hit a nerve. I don't consider your 'free spiritual advice'
passing on unless someone's into packaging themselves. I never heard of Sufi sheiks charging their students,
which I gather is the path you're on. Don't they usually take a modest job as a shoemaker or something? I
don't think
Ramana Maharshi charged, nor do I believe any of the other great teachers such as Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed.
More locally, I don't think Adyashanti charges for his satsangs, and he's someone I admire very much although
I worry a little about the way he's being worshipped by the group formed around him. I know there are others
that do charge, and I'm concerned for them. Usually they end up in deep do-do (read Adi-Da, and more recently
Ganga-ji and her hubby.)
The New Age enlightenment workshops craze is very trendy. and perhaps for those who believe you never get
anything of value for free they serve a purpose. I'm more concerned for the teachers than for the pupils.
Not to toot my own horn at all but just for the record, my wife Judith and I run a FREE speaker series on
odd-calendar Mondays
that presents authors, poets, politicians, and an occasional spiritual teacher without compensation. We've
been doing so for
five years and foot the costs out of our Social Security and her teacher's pension checks. I also recently
started a FREE meditation
evening at the same place (local community center) that I hope will also continue.
Before that, I ran a recovery group for ex-members of a religious cult for ten years without a salary, was
sued three times by
the cult, and only decided it was time to stop when I discovered they had listening devices planted in my home
and a contract
out on my life (too stressful for my family). The recovery group continues on its own - better off as
leaderless leaders.
Before that, I was involved in two open-door hippie ranches for ten years that turned no one away unless
they were so anti-
social as to present a danger to others, in which case we drove them to the nearest mental clinic or whatever
else seemed appropriate
To be fair, I must own up to my share of mistakes in this life, but feel now they were part of the necessary
dance through Gaia's
meadows so that I could develop understanding and compassion for others in need. I only regret whatever pain I
caused others
in the process.
As for my purpose in life, I discovered it one day in a redwood forest when I realized that four-foot and
two-foot creatures
were invented by trees as portable fertilizer factories. Just grab your posthole digger and find a hungry
tree! More seriously,
I believe my 'purpose' is best summed up on this page on my website: [quote below] The
project is dedicated to a hobo sage who had the loudest laugh of anyone I've ever met. I'll quote some of his
advice below
also, which he never charged for. His ample tent was always open to all comers who needed a place to sleep,
and I consider O.B.
Ray one of my older beloved brothers. You might take darshan from his photo on the page above.

My beloved teacher is my Mother Sun who shines equally on all, and burns out of compassionate and caring
love for all her
creations for free. I try in every way to emulate Her as best I can.

Mission Statement
The O-BE-ATA Project (Oceanic Bliss Easily Available To All) was founded in 2002 to promote paradise-being /
consciousness-enstasy. The Project operates on the basic premise that feeling not only good but VERY good
easily and naturally is an innate birthright accessible to everyone during their planetary sojourn. This

'easing' applies not only to human beings, because once humankind achieves a certain comfort zone, it will view other species with renewed empathy and understanding.
The O-BE-ATA Project's easy exercises and body postures seek to relieve human malaise by spreading word of
these various techniques through existing information channels - 'dropping a pebble in the pond' - or
'sowing a meme.'
Unrealistic? Preliminary investigations seem to demonstrate the enormous and unused capacities we have for
feeling not just good but _very_ good, without the ingestion of any opioids or stimulants - or anything from the broad pharmacopoeia now available. Large portions of our brain are just begging to enlighten up this
Beyond the obviously positive aspects of this project, there exists a moral urgency to find another level
of co-existence internationally as well as in large urban centers. Dance, drumming, breathing
exercises, facial tapping exercises and the art form known as Hamboning as well as the human voice are all
good starting points.
At present, we live in a world controlled by ever-renewed robber-baron generations. Selfishness and greed
are accepted traits within all current world cultures. Competition leads to struggle, which utilizes
cruelty and manipulation and physical torture as everyday devices to control others. Our institutions,
including organized religions, ignore the basic needs that we all long for as prerequisites for a totally
prosperous and happy society. Meanwhile, the loud buzz of 'getting ahead' drowns out the cries of
loneliness and despair of millions.
Some recent breakthroughs have occurred: bioscience has mapped the human genome, with very profound
implications in terms of our future as a species. For the first time, we have within our grasp the
possibility of redefining the average human life as a peak experience and, in the words of one
biotechnology company, BLTC Research, "redesign the global ecosystem and deliver genetically
pre-programmed well-being."

O-BE-ATA believes that it can help bring this statement into fruition. The project can perform an important
service by bringing forward various 'forgotten,' taken-for-granted, ignored, secret or previously
undiscovered natural methods for increasing the pleasurable sense of fulfillment of the average
individual. The founder does not view himself in the role of a teacher or 'guru' but as a researcher and
re-discoverer. He invites others to contribute their own findings to the project as well.
An important discovery in 2005 was the Advanced Yoga Practices site founded by the anonymous teacher,

Yogani. Since its beginnings in 2003, Yogani has put together a book of the lessons, a spiritual
novel, and a few smaller books focused on particular topics such as tantric sex, pranayama, etc. and Deep
Meditation: Pathway To Personal Freedom.

The best quotation I ever found on love I'll attach. You will note that love is not something you 'give' or

Wishing you nothing but ecstatic and indescribable success in dissolving into light!

All the 'love and spiritual insight' you sent me I'm filtering through giggling sunlight -- and sending the
essence back to you.

All Free, with smiles, younger brother,


P.S. I just posted a 4-minute video of my favorite armor-dissolving exercise on YouTube that you might find useful in your workshops. PURRING

COMMENT on the following quote: OB Ray was an amazing teacher, and someone I'm truly nowhere near emulating.

"Advice to the Lovelorn"

How to be a True Monk, Free and Independent of any religious organization.

Quit your job. Abandon your responsibilities. Drop, or dissolve, all ties. Sell or give away all your
belongings. With the money you have, buy practical, suitable clothing, sleeping bag, and pack equipment
for the outdoor wanderer's life. Give away all the money you have left. Hit the road!

Thereafter, beg, or ask, for any necessity of life that you need, such as food, clothing, or shelter. Keep
your needs simple. Ask only for the necessities of life. Never borrow. Never work again at any job of any
kind. Never work again even for your own necessities of life. Never work again for, or towards, any
worldly attainment or goal.

Thereafter, lead the life of inner contemplation and meditation. In other words, lead the holy life. Seek
reliable teachers.

Learn meditation first and foremost. Other forms of yoga can also be helpful. Learn from teachers, but do not
commit yourself to any religious movement for very long.

Put no head above your own! Spend all, or most, of your time in religious, or spiritual, practices and exercises, mainly meditation. Live mostly in uninhabited areas. Enter inhabited areas only for your necessities of life, or to seek
instructions from teachers, or to pass through to get to another uninhabited area.

Live as a renunciate. Renounce, or give up, the world and all that the world has to offer. Have nothing, want
nothing. This does not mean that you avoid or reject; it just means that you cease to crave or to long for

Accepting and enjoying whatever comes your way is all right as long as it does not divert you from the holy
life. Keep your belongings down to the bare essentials, never more than you can carry comfortably with
you in your pack. Live the life of the religious recluse. Live as a hermit most of the time. Solitude is
the natural abode of the true monk. Keep active. Do lots of walking, hiking, and climbing up and down
hills and mountains

. Drink pure spring water fresh from the ground. In uninhabited areas, the air is clean and pure and fresh, and
the only sounds are natural and soothing.

Eat simple but adequate food. Learn the joy of simple food and cease to crave for exotic dishes. When you ask
for food, eat whatever is given you. Count no food as unfit. Therefore, do not limit your diet. Eat
whatever your host is eating, if he is willing to share it with you. If it is edible and people are eating
it in your presence, there is no reason for you to abstain if you are hungry and the food is
offered to you to eat, especially if you have already asked for food to eat. The true monk is a mendicant, or beggar. As such, he cannot regulate his diet, but must eat whatever food is available to him when he is

All fear of death is only a remembrance of the horrors of birth. Death is a release from the restrictions of
the body. Death is easy. Being reborn is the hard part. All our nightmares stem from the trauma of both.
Not the pains our mothers felt, but the terrible pressures and pains we felt ourselves. The very worst
thing that can happen is to be born. There is no separate self existing anywhere. We are all the same
One. All are One and the One is all.

The whole aim of the Buddhist way of life is to make sure that we are not again subjected to birth, or to
becoming. The only way to make sure that we do not become is to cease all craving and clinging to this
life right here and now. The only way to stop all suffering is to stop all becoming. The way to stop all
becoming is to stop all ego aspirations here and now. That is, stop all craving and clinging. Death is
easy. Being reborn in a new form in a new world is not easy. If we do not live this life in the right way, we will be reborn again.

The Noble Eightfold Path, as taught by the Buddha, is the way to live this life in such a way as not to be
reborn again, in any form, in any world. Pure freedom of the spirit is my total urge, always.

Being self-reliant, or "together," is not greed, just as self-preservation is not paranoia.

Greed is ridiculous. There is no "me" to get anything for.
It is only a game that we play. But we play it as best we can, because the game is more fun that way.