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Great Thunks from E- Mail

S wrote:
> June 13, 2003
> Dear Ray.

> Very interesting observations. Our planet is heaven! You mean on the
> other plane?
> I'm not sure what I mean, but I suppose that is so - the other plane, dimension -- the other 'understanding.'
> By the way, I have tried to concentrate on a tip of the tongue during
> the last but one salvia session. Creating a vacuum and just stroking
> it from left to right on the upper palate. It worked! There was a
> sensation as if the saliva becomes more frothier and frothier and
> turns into a void. At the same time it almost reminded pre-orgasmic
> feeling. I have posted about it on Alliance group a few days ago.

I'm so thrilled to have feedback from you about this.
I'm continuing to research the 'Kechari Mudra,' which
is a very ancient yoga tongue 'lock'. When you stroke
the palate, which part are you stroking? The front
'hard' palate or back to the 'soft' area? In the
taoist yoga teaching, they suggest moving the tongue
from the back to the front. I find that stimulating
the hollow highest part towards the back is very

> You may be also entertained by my other posts
>on "time" and "space" that caused some
>discussions and feedback.

Yes, I read them. Very interesting. . . . . . . . .
There is a book called "Halfway Up The Mountain:
Premature Claims To Enlightenment" by Mariana Caplan
that I read very frequently, especially whenever I
begin to believe I must be THE ONE. This is a very
natural phenomenon in the spiritual evolution as one
reaches new heights, and this is why a guru or a
teacher can be so helpful.

Ken Wilber, one of the smartest spiritual
philosophers alive (although in my opinion with some
inflation problems himself) is quoted in "Rational
Mysticism" as follows:
"Wilber made sure to disabuse
me of some popular misconceptions about enlightenment.
It doesn't instantly reveal all the of universe's
secrets, as some mystical enthusiasts have implied...
More important, enlightenment doesn't instantly
transform you into a saint or bodhisattva... That
lesson has become painfully obvious over the past few
decades as scores of supposedly enlightened gurus have
been accused of immoral or even criminal behavior.

"Mystical maturity does not necessarily lead to
psychological maturity, Wilber explained. In fact,
powerful mystical experiences can retard psychological
development by giving you delusions of grandeur.

" You get this experience: 'Oh my God! I am one with
God! Oh, this is amazing! Nobody's EVER had this
experience in the entire history of the universe!' But
the personality that you had before you got your
satori (enlightenment) is the personality you're stuck
with. If you're a geeky little toad, then you're going
to be a geeky little toad who thinks he's God. And
then it's going to be really hard to get rid of your
geeky toadness, because nobody can tell God what to
do. There's nothing wrong with having a healthy ego;
it helps you get things done in the world. But when
gurus proclaim themselves to be perfect masters no
longer bound by ordinary human ethics, 'things start
to get very, very ugly. It happens all the time. Not
some of the time. ALL the time'."

Ramon continues:
We are THE ONE when we are THERE,
but THE ONE we are is the same ONE everyone else is
when they also drop their individual selves. We are
spokes on the wheel, and when we arrive at the Hub,
that is where all become HIM -- or as I prefer, we
become HER. It is always safer to have a teacher, a
guru. The guru is like a 'safety net,' because you at
your highest become HIM who, in turn became HIS guru,
etc. etc...
This 'lineage' protects the new arrival
from proclaiming himself the only reincarnation of an
avatar, the big mistake that currently is being made
by Adi Da (whose autobiography is very worth reading,
by the way). If you go to www.abe.com you can find a
$4 used copy -- here is the title: Da, Adi "The
Knee of Listening: The Early Life Ordeal & Radical
Spiritual Realization of the Divine World-Teacher."

I can 'read' myself into his early life very easily
and say, "There but for the grace of the Goddess could go
I -- and thanks be to Mother who saved me from such a
Adi Da is a very very talented master, but he
is NOT who he says he is, and by saying he is, he does
all his disciples a very bad trick. Ken Wilber, in his
own right a very spiritually advanced person, wrote a
critique of Adi Da that can serve as a model warning.
And as Wilber is quoted in his interview in "Rational

"Wilber also warns of pitfalls on the path. . . .
He sees no shortcuts to mystical transformation, and
was less sanguine than Huston Smith about the
spiritual benefits of enthogens. Wilber has tried
marijuana a half-dozen times in his youth and LSD
once; the experiences were not pleasant, let alone
spiritually transforming. Although he agrees that
'drugs can trigger a 'genuine breakthrough' in some
people,' he does not view them as leading to long-term
spiritual growth. Meditation, Wilber believes, is
safer and more reliable.

"Wilber compared spiritual
practice to weight-lifting and calisthenics. 'The more
you do it, the bigger the muscle gets.' He claimed
that he could maintain nondual awareness even in deep
sleep some years ago, lost it while ill, but is
gradually regaining the ability. And he disabused the
notion that enlightenment 'necessarily leads to
psychological maturity.'... 'When gurus proclaim
themselves perfect masters no longer bound by ordinary
human ethics, things start to get very, very ugly. It
happens all the time. Not some of the time. ALL the

"Wilber's main lesson in Crazy Wisdom came
from the self-proclaimed avatar, Da Free John, or Adi
Da, who matched Rajneesh and Trungpa in strange
behaviors. Although Wilber once praised Adi Da, he now
sounds a more cautious -- and critical -- note. He
notes that Zen masters have evolved a good way of
handling self-proclaimed buddhas: 'They take the stick
and beat the crap out of you... and you finally get
over yourself.'"
End Quote

See also Wilber's critique of Adi Da:
The reason I bring up Adi Da is because he has the
worst case of Spiritual Ego inflation that I run into
while at the _same_ time being a brilliant spiritual
master. This is always the danger in these higher
states, and this is why I so much appreciate the
entheogens because they are so 'democratic' -- and
ultimately you know that anyone taking the same dose
has the equal possibility of reaching the same stage
you are experiencing. The HARD part of the entheogens
path is experiencing the pure Liberation, the Pure
Illumination and then coming back down again into this
imperfection. It's so HARD not to be able to STAY
there, and that is why I say that I keep 'the other
foot' in the traditional spiritual dimension, and why
I am searching so hard for a method, an exercise, to
turn on the 'switch' that will help not only me but
everyone else awaken permanently -- or at least raise
our bliss tolerance to a much higher level.

The road to Sahaja Samadhi (to be effortlessly
stationed in complete peaceful bliss at all times, and
even in deep sleep in a conscious unitive state) is
paved with all sorts of temptations and delusions.
Frankly, many go mad, or are satisfied with a lower
delusional state. The insane asylums contain many
residents who are convinced they are perhaps not only
a reincarnation of J. Christ but J. Christ himself! Or
the Buddha, or Napoleon, or Caesar. These are all
available STATES of consciousness, but it is a mistake
to linger in any of them. Which is why the Zen
Buddhists say, "If you meed the Buddha on the path,
kill him!" Of course this is a reference to one's own
self, and is a metaphor. The goal is alway BEYOND
whatever state one is experiencing. Or as Jesus said
when tempted by the devil to accept rulership of the
planet, 'Get thee behind me, Satan!' He did not say
"Go away," but just get behind me -- that is, I'm
moving on beyond this particular temptation for
special powers and graces... Then he left it to
others to proclaim his divinity, although I suppose,
yes, he did allow a few disciples to see him transfigured.

Christianity has built in many safety devices for
the devout not to fall into 'Spiritual Pride." In the
Advaita non-dual traditions, where one merges with God
ultimately, there is more of a danger. The Dual paths
of Bhakti (devotion to a special manifestation of God)
are safer -- and more similar to the I-Thou of


From: Ramon Ray Sender
I'm sure these current sessions are a regression
back into the infant, then the fetus, then the zygote and then -
ultimately - whoom! Out into the light via the moment of conception.
I've done it before on LSD but always lose awareness, so hopefully
I can actually track the whole process.

Currently I've been
working thru a two-year-old's 'grief reflex' - 'Ma' on the
fulling emptying the lungs, with what I can now isolate out as a
mulabandha -- anal sphincter squeeze... Reminds me of something of
W. Reich I once read on the orgasmic reflex -- I've got to look it
I've reserved this Friday for a full session with a guide, a
local therapist friend with a lot of experience in the
crowd, as well as connected to the ayahuasca folks.

Why not 'meet' me there? I'm going around 8 PM at this point in
time. But I'll have a more exact time soon.

My fantasy is that if a group of salvianauts all took off together,
we really might get the whole planet 'through'. Dreams of glory?
What's 'through' ? I think you probably know. What I said
to Judy, who basically 'sat' me -- I awoke her with my "I'm
very near, I'm very near' remarks -- is that I felt as if I only
could take one more 'turn' or 'twist' I would break through into
a world in which everyone would say, "Oh, yes! Is THAT how it
is? Why, of course! Now I UNDERSTAND! This planet IS
heaven, isn't it? Why haven't we seen it all along? How just
absolutely gorgeous everything is! Just right!"

Does that express it well?

May She Who Blesses Us Constantly Embrace Us Ever More In Her Arms...



S, I re-read my response to your private sharing of your
J Christ experience, and I hope I did not seem
unsympathetic or not-understanding. I am both
understanding and sympathetic because I have also
experienced similar states where I am sure I am THE ONE
that can bring the whole world THROUGH to Heaven - that
conversation I mentioned, where everyone would say, "Oh, I
see now! Yes, of course everything is perfect! Why didn't
you just say so before!" These states occur naturally, and
blessed be He/She who can remain in non-dual awareness
in all three stages of consciousness - awake, dreaming and
deep sleep. The true sign of someone getting close to this
blessed realm of course is incredible humility and
willingness to be the least and last of all others. Merging
with the Christ consciousness is one gateway. Merging with
Krishna another (Sri Aurobindo). Merging with any of the
great avatar consciousness are gateways available. Creating
a NEW gateway -- or discovering the Natural built-in
gateway that Mother provides to all of us I think is the
challenge for our era.

We must find a natural gateway of easy access soon,
before we kill off the human species and perhaps all life on
our dear Gaia planet. The need for Inner Peace is even
greater than the need for Outer Peace (actually I think they
are the same, aren't they?)

Sometimes I think we should find a geographical
PLACE somewhere for a Salvia "Time Out In Nature"
preserve. No other drugs or alcohol allowed.


Possibly Overheard Conversation:

Person 1: "Do you know?"
Person 2: "Know what?"
Person 1: "You know -- that."
Person 2: "That?"
Person 1: "I know - I know you do"
Person 2: "What?"
Person 1: "They always pretend at first they don't, but I can tell you do know."
Person 2: (exasperated) "What are you talking about?!"
Person 1: "I see it in your eyes!"
Person 2: "Something?"
Person 1: "That you know you know."
Person 2: "I know I know?"
Person 1: "Yes, those who know, know they know, and those that don know,
know they don't know."