April, 2002

updated 4/17/04

Great Thunks from E- Mail

April 13, 2002

Dear Master Aziz:
I have received a published copy of "The Human Buddha," which is a treasured resource. I am finding that a combination of your instructions with some of the Taoist yoga suggestions on the 'Smile Down' and tongue position work very well for me, plus a warm-up by deep-breathing with the mula bandha. I also find that applying pressure to the tongue is very centering, somewhat along the zazen lines. A friend who has been sitting for 40 years casually dropped this hint -- which has helped me a great deal. It made me realize how important acquiring a teacher in human form can be for making quick progress.
The main challenge is not to become attached to the waves of undescribable bliss that overcome me, but just accept them as whatever they are. I think I may be experiencing a simultaneous 'all-chakra' opening - breathing in through all my pores, but concentrating on 'blue sky forehead' inbreath.
Thoughts seem to originate in the belly, and if I can catch them early, I can convert them into just useful energy.
Inhaling into the Ajna, visualizing the sun positioned over the crown, I AM a mountain peak standing high above the thought-clouds, the distant surf of the breath against the coast. That seems to be as close to me as I get these days. I can go there any time I wish, although to stay - well, there is this 'aware capsule' feeling in the center of the head that seems to becoming more present.
I don't have time for long meditations except perhaps an hour or two at night or early in the morning, and then grabbing five minutes here and there a number of times during the work day. I am truly blessed with much freedom during office hours, and a very loving community of friends there.
May my heart soften and awaken to the Beloved's presence! May grace protect me from any errors! May your loving transmissions continue to wrap me in rainbows!
May Peace embrace all and everyone,
May my darling wife keep laughing and loving me!
With Gratitude, Ramon

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