Email April 16 2006
I've been focusing on my "Enlightenment Access To Which Is Denied No One"
project via the new Thwizzler gadget - see:

Send me a mailing address and I'll put a Thwizzler version 2.0 in the mail
to you.

It's very interesting to 'thwizzle' people's faces and note the wide variety
of responses, all the way from "No! Don't do that! I hate being tickled!"
to a sheer bliss/laughter response to all levels of non-sensitivity.

The Thwizzler evolved from imagining the Buddha sitting in meditation for
hours under the bodhi tree. "What about the flies?" I asked myself. "What
about the mosquitos? Was malaria ubiquitous among all the forest sadhus?"
I then thought, 'Well, maybe he broke a small twig from the bodhi tree, put
the stem in his mouth and 'thwizzled' it up and down with his teeth to keep
the flies from flying up his nose.

Another solution would be to comb his hair over his face -- something I saw recently in a series of news articles about 'the boy buddha' in India - a youngster who decided to sit in meditation inside a tree until he achieved enlightenment. This caused enough of a stir that busloads of people started arriving for his darshan, so finally he disappeared, leaving word that he was going to the forest for seven years - alone. Smart kid! I now 'thwizzle' my facial nerves for about a minute before meditating
because it sensitizes things to the point that just breathing becomes a
higher bliss state. Occasionally it triggers a full-body spasm or convulsion
that I think relates to Wilhelm Reich's orgasm reflex, so I'm re-reading his
books after a 40+ year lapse. I also think it ties into why Quakers were
nicknamed 'Quakers' and Shakers 'Shakers.' More about this as I learn more.
I'm REALLY onto something this time!