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4/19/14 Links to my YouTube purring videos:
"Purring to Nirvana"
and the sequel, "purring to nirvana II," which develops the basic purr exercise further.

The 3-30-14 article on purring-tracheal resonance that gives more detailed information on the above videos.

1-13-14 updated link to PDF article on the Voluntary Blink page

Introduction to Candice O’Denver’s Balanced View Teaching-A Talk 6-03-2013
Intro to Balanced View - a Talk.

updated Winter Solstice 12-21-2012
Updated the OBEATA Project main page, which links to exercises that receive my main focus of attention.

Uploaded various music files to the music page.
also my Google Drive page includes some other musical compositions.

uploaded 2010-2011
A proposed re-design of the American Flag
Added a posting to my "Blog as of 2011"

For a chronological listing of pages, go here

2-16-2012 My RECENTLY UPDATED 75th Birthday Handout, titled
"A Little Book of Discoveries That Make Planetary Living as Much Fun As Possible"

 Welcome to the website for the following cast of characters, 
all inhabiting the same ever-renewing set of cells: 

Ramon Sender Morningstar
The above links to the new URL for the Wheeler's/Morningstar archives
Ramon Sender Barayon
Good Old Ray Sender
Zero the Wunderweight, Clown-At-Large

7/10/2009 Uploaded a new essay "A History of Bliss Tolerance" (actually it was included
in the collected essays/articles "A Planetary Sojourn" listed below. It attempts to answers the question:
"What went wrong a long time ago that triggered the 'fall from bliss'
of which our ejection from The Garden of Eden is an ancestral memory?"

7/10/2009Announcing a new website, Whimsy Art, a place for Ramon and Judy's artwork.
Also announcing Ramon's 90-page color Catalog of his drawings, prints and paintings.

Sample oil print

5/10/2009How To Make A Thwisher Rattle

11/29/08 New essay "Are We REALLY There Yet" written on Election Day, 2008 link fixed 6-6-09

1/30/08 $14.95 best price here - A Planetary Sojourn: Collected Stories, Articles, Essays and 4 Recipes for Bliss" by yours truly.

The history of The San Francisco Tape Music Center, our composers-artiists’ ‘collaborative’ from the early Sixties, bundled with a DVD of the pieces, just out (with bundled DVD) courtesy of U C Press ($18.50 best price here): The San Francisco Tape Music Center: 1960s Counterculture and The Avant-Garde

A Sonoma County musical play celebrating the story of Morningstar Ranch's incarnation as a spiritual hippie shrine and open-door commune. It enjoyed a sold-out run in May, 2008, and is looking for another venue.

"Beautifully designed 300-page coffee-table sized full color overview of alternate architecture and lifestyles that includes many photos and a historical overview of the Morningstar/Wheeler's ranches' history (Best price here $40.95): Spaced Out: Radical Environments of the Psychedelic Sixties (Hardcover) by Alastair Gordon (Rizzoli publishers)

First-ever release in a numbered collector's vinyl of the first performance of "Desert Ambulance (1964) with Pauline Oliveros, accordion with mixed Chamberlin Musicmaster tracks. All-electronic "KORE" from 1962 on other side.

6/15/04First-ever release of two of various electronic compositions from the early 1960s
Worldfood XII and Worldfood VII ("To See Him With My Eyes") - San Francisco Tape Music Center (1964)

go here and click Worldfood XXII excerpt or Kore excerpt for audio samples

5/30/04 Updated Sunstrobe Building Instructions IMPORTANT CHANGE!


LATEST ART UPLOAD 2/4/04: Thailand Row of Buddhas Overlay7/2/04

Article on Retirement Plans
7/5/04 - corrected link 1/27/05

The Emotional Being - A Monologue
           edited to include 'Wind' Intimate Conversation (see original at wind.html)4/17/04

LATEST UPDATED EXERCISE 4/17/04: Snore Your Way to Nirvana
           an updated version of various earlier purr/snore/'Henri' exercises

Go here for some thoughts about Bringing the Troops Back Home NOW, dammit!

The second edition of Ramon's A Death In Zamora is now
available for purchase in a paperback edition with 50 additional photos
and with several five-star reviews.
On the latter site, click on 'used and new' to order the new edition.
Click here for Prof. Helen Graham's speech to the annual gathering of The International Brigades
in London in March, 2003, which reviews "A Death In Zamora" in some detail.
Her speech was republished as an article in 'The Volunteer' newsletter of
The Abraham Lincoln Brigade veterans, June, 2003.
Also click here for Prof. Paul Preston's recent review posted on
Both are noted historians of the Spanish Civil War era in Spain and related topics.

updated 5/11/04The set of interviews with Ramon's spirit guide, Conversations with Shady is available here.

The future fantasy novel Zero Weather, and Being of the Sun, a celebration
of a solar consciousness lifestyle co-authored with Alicia Bay Laurel,
are both available directly via e-mail request to and
a check to my mailbox address (forthcoming in my reply).

To see pages as they have been added more or less chronologically (newer
at the top, older at the bottom of the list),
please go to the Chronological Index. updated 5/30/04

This website serves as the home for The O-BE-ATA Project.
Also, because of my special love and eternal attachment
to Mother Sun, our local source of love-light-consciousness at these particular galactic coordinates
of Grandmother Aditi's galaxy, this site will serve as the Bay Area Solar Legation's contact point. 

You also will find here the creations of my beloved, 
Judith Levy-Sender, soulmate, writer/artist, teacher of teachers, mother to all, and
human rights activist.
She searches out and supports viable programs for 'external peace' with
a single-mindedness that balances the manner in which I research natural
and easily accessible methods to achieve "internal peace." 

Also are included (gradually) many links to both our blood-related family,
extended family and tribe, as well as some favorite websites. 

"Arise, oh Resplendent Being, Thou who art forever Love Immaculate,
Arise, all-beautiful, and manifest Thy nature!" 

        Mother Meera Alfassa slightly paraphrased quote of 'a certain sage' 


"I look forward to the time when Christs will be born like clusters of grapes." 
Swami Vivekananda, founder, The Ramakrishna Math / Vedanta Society

with many many thanks to Char~* for her
Web expertise/ongoing assist!